I Was Already Asleep by the Time Ben Carson Referred to Slaves as Immigrants

It’s not a matter of Ben Carson selling his soul to the devil that’s concerning to me, it’s a matter how fast and at what point in his career did he do it?  As many of you know Ben Carson’s getting reamed today for referring to African American slaves as “immigrants” in one of his latest speeches.   The new head of Housing and Urban Development caught a huge barrage of Tweets from angry people, including celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson who took major offense to Carson’s remarks.

In an introductory speech to staff at the HUD after he was confirmed by the Senate last week, Mr Carson shared anecdotes from his past career as a neurosurgeon and praised immigrants who worked long hours to build a better life for their children. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less,” said Mr Carson, who is African-American.

I’m gonna let all you other media outlets get on top of this one.  I don’t need to share with everyone how wrong this is.  I just can’t see Carson lying on his death bed one day actually feeling good about the path he took after being a neurosurgeon.  By the way did you know he was a neurosurgeon.  You know, because it’s Dr. Ben Carson?

What I really wanted to bring up is this.  How can people in a room last more than 5 seconds without falling asleep when this guy talks?  Seriously, I tried.  It’s not possible.  I swear.  It’s just not possible.  He is the sleepiest most hypnotizing speaker I’ve ever seen.  I’m tired even as I’m typing this words.  Check out part of his speech below.  I dare you not to take a nap afterwards.

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