10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ami Brown

Though there are some people familiar with the cable network series “Alaskan Bush People” many people are unaware of the interesting and largely hidden life of Ami Brown. With some research we have dug up a number of things about her you are likely not to have known, of which 10 of the more interesting are listed here.

1. She got married at age 15.

In contrast, her husband Billy was 26. The difference in ages may come with more than a bit of suspicion but you need to remember we are talking about a group of people who generally are removed from the norms and culture of the United States. One reason to be suspicious however is that Billy had been married and divorced prior to marrying Ami. Divorce within such a tight knit and remote community?

2. She had developed cancer but first thought it was only arthritis.

A lack of knowledge can be very dangerous to your health, as Ami would learn. Having felt some pain in her back, she simply thought it was due to overexertion. Then the shortness of breath followed. Connecting the two brought her to the conclusion that it was the result of the cold, getting older, and things generally breaking down. There were days she was completely bedridden but there was no reason to go to the doctor to have things checked out.

3. It was her dentist that discovered the underlying cancer problem.

In the fall of 2016, Ami paid a visit to the dentist, who then informed her that a capsule was discovered during a routine scan of her teeth. She had gone in to get new teeth, and the impression procedure revealed the problem. What wasn’t known was how far the cancer had grown or the possible long term effects it would have on her.

4. Ami is a fighter.

The cancer had been originally diagnosed by the dentist, but the exact size of the problem couldn’t be immediately determined. Further tests revealed it was Stage 4 lung cancer, a condition that was both advanced and had the potential to spread to any part of her body. Most of the prognoses were very negative, but Ami was determined to fight on regardless of any potential outcome.

5. She is a person of faith.

Ami was quoted during her ordeal with cancer as saying, “There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up.” While it is true that many people turn to God in times of great emotional distress, Ami has consistently believed that through the other ordeals such as the family splintering over the last few years, things would work out. Thus far, her faith has been justified.

6. She used her cancer as a way to promote cancer treatment to the public.

Ami had become severely ill during the radiation treatments, at one point having been told there was less than a three percent of survival. During the battles it was decided that Ami’s episodes with battling cancer would become part of the show, and the series continued. She hopes it would help other people who are enduring the treatments not to be fearful.

7. She has an estimated net worth of more than $12 million.

If you are wondering how Ami could afford the treatments, the answer is the family as a whole has an estimated net worth of about $60 million. Ami’s portion is estimated to be $12 million, though that number could be higher. For the record, Alaskan Bush People are not known to have any type of dependable health coverage.

8. She has an international following.

This is not about the show, but about her medical condition and whether she is alive or dead. Some people call this a morbid curiosity while other argue it is a natural concern, with some people trying to donate money for Ami’s medical expenses. There continue to be a number of Google searches on Ami.

9. Ami and Billy currently live in Colorado.

Relocation was necessary for the cancer treatments, and the latest word is they are living near Pueblo, Colorado. The ongoing question is whether Ami will return to her native Alaska after the cancer goes into remission or whether her and Billy will agree to put those days behind them. No decision has been announced yet.

10. Ami’s mom continues to attempt to reconnect with her.

Ami’s mother, 83 year old Earlene “Memaw” Branson, actually traveled to Alaska to try and see her daughter, especially since finding out about the cancer. Separated for more than 36 years, Earlene claims she has a single wish before she dies and that is to reconnect with Ami. The details of the separation are not clear, but we can only hope that her mom’s wish comes true.

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