Artificial Intelligence Deconstructs The First Star Wars Movie

Star Wars

There are a couple of things to note about the AI breaking down episode 4 of Star Wars, one is that the narrating AI seems to have a serious crush on R2-D2 (so long neutral stance, haha, joke) and two is what might get me in trouble but oh well, it definitely seems to have a liberal lean to it since comparing Star Wars to World War II and Vietnam, which makes sense in some cases, but also saying that the protesters against Vietnam are like the Rebel Alliance, seems to indicate that someone happens to think that the protesting actually did that much good back then. And now that that’s out of the way, the rest of this is just a laugh riot since it not only paints the iconic droids as the heroes of this story, well, R2-D2 at least since C-3PO is likened to someone that gives in to the ‘slave masters’ and takes their side on everything, but the story also runs from a purely logical stance that doesn’t allow for the existence of the Force or even the importance of the Jedi and what Ben Kenobi can bring to the fight. Obviously he committed suicide because he was so depressed that he just couldn’t beat Darth Vader, that’s one way to go at least, right?

And then Luke’s hallucinations, hearing Kenobi, forced him to run, which is the point at which I was laughing too hard and had to stop the video for a moment. To be honest thinking of the movie in these terms was kind of funny since it’s a new perspective that’s been used a couple of times in the Star Wars graphic novels since the droids within the universe are such an important part and yet don’t ever get the credit that some feel they deserve. R2 is after all a very crafty and sometimes obstinate droid that does things his own way and might get in trouble from time to time but does manage to save the day now and again. C-3PO is harder to feel sorry for since all he does is whine and go about speaking of how doomed everyone is and how he would have been better off in one location or another. Ever notice how most people eventually tell him to shut up while they rely heavily on R2? C-3PO is really only there to translate languages and otherwise be a nuisance. He could be a golden floating orb and people might think he’s just as useful.

But nothing was really important save the mission that R2 and C-3PO were on during this video, which is interesting but also insightful since R2 did carry the schematics for the Death Star and he was right where he needed to be most times, even if it wasn’t the right time to be there at certain times, as it wasn’t with the Jawas. But all in all the droids were a very important part of the story, but they weren’t THE story. They contributed a lot and, heaven forbid, they were discriminated in a galaxy where discrimination by the Empire was pretty common if one wasn’t human. Then, oh yes this was great, Luke was playing a video game while R2 was busy blowing up the Death Star. And who said an AI couldn’t have a sense of humor? The perspective on this video is kind of interesting, amazing, and easy to laugh at from a human perspective since when you think about it some of it makes sense and other parts of it are every bit as biased as the human perspective. AI might not be perfect at thinking around corners but it would seem that they’re being upgraded all the time and being given the kind of programming that is allowing them to really take into account what might really be happening. Of course most of it is a straight, very linear line of thought that strips away anything that is deemed inconsequential and is not seen as something that is not focused on the two characters that start the movie off.

But overall the clip is funny as it can get since fans of the movies know very well that the droids hardly ever get the kind of credit they really need since they do more than a lot of casual observers can recall and they do get swept aside quite often since they don’t seem to be given much regard. Without the droids though a lot of Star Wars would be different and it’s likely that the Rebellion might be sunk or at least pushed to the brink since R2 was the one droid in the entire movie that had the kind of information that could help them out. As far as R2 doing it all on his own, well, let’s just say that bias isn’t just a human thing any longer.

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