The Five Best Elisabeth Shue Movie Roles of Her Career

Elisabeth Shue is a fun actress to watch since she tends to get into her role and despite having a rather set range of emotions and facial expressions not a one of them ever seems to be out of place or used in a tired and overdone sort of way. She’s a professional that’s been around for quite some time and has managed to build a long and storied career off of her great looks and stellar acting ability to become one of the most well-known people in Hollywood. One thing about her is that she doesn’t seem to age all that much which is amazing, since she’s been pretty much the same with the passing years. In fact one could almost say the only thing she’s lost is the girlish look she had back in The Karate Kid, and what’s replaced it could be called a wise and very elegant look that makes her one of those women that are still desired for film roles but have little to prove to anyone these days.

Here are some of her best roles in movies.

5. Soap Dish

This might be kind of surprising seeing as how this film is extremely campy and not really remembered all that well. But the fact remains that Shue did play a part in it that was kind of overlooked at first but proved to be very pivotal near the end. She was a rising soap opera star that seemed to come out of nowhere but was later on revealed as the daughter of two stars that had once been very close but hadn’t been able to stand each other for years. The reveal was something worthy of a soap opera in real life and the ensuing madness from that point on became something that will stick in your memory and tickle your funny bone from that point on.

4. The Saint

She plays the part of a lovestruck but very naive genius that has discovered a way to provide energy for millions with a revolutionary technology that could prove invaluable to the world. Unfortunately for her the man that is trying to steal it from her for another client has also fallen in love with her and as a result has become rather erratic in his behavior. Eventually the two realize that they are morally bound to one another and are seeking the same ends. While he provides her a way to get away from their shared enemy he also finds a way to use her research to topple a tyrant and prove to the world that her research was sound.

3. Cocktail

If you fell in love with Elisabeth Shue in “The Karate Kid” (which of course you did) in that high school kind of a way, then you most certainly fell in love with her as the sexy, yet adorable “Jordan” in the movie “Cocktail.”  Playing opposite Tom Cruise in this sultry, cheesy, bartending tale slash love story, Shue came out of nowhere to be the one audiences paid attention to just as much as her leading man.  Great flick that just about everyone in the world loved.

2. The Karate Kid

Ever wonder if anyone asked Elisabeth just who the real bully in the story was? Her character likely would have pointed to Johnny since the audience didn’t get to know much about him other than he acted like a jerk and treated her like she was his property. Now that Cobra Kai is out there are a few people that have dared to wonder if she might make an appearance since she’s been mentioned at least. Hey, if Kreese could make a comeback then why not Ali? She’d be a welcome addition and could provide an even bigger jolt of nostalgia to the show considering that Johnny and Daniel both have history with her.

1. Adventures in Babysitting

To anyone and everyone that ever thought babysitting was an easy job they should be lucky that in reality this kind of night would be the antithesis of babysitting. Not only is the group an accessory to more than one criminal act, Shue’s character would also be likely to be brought up on charges of child endangerment just to start with. But that aside it was a fun and engaging movie that showcased just how willing one babysitter is to go the extra mile for the kids that she’s sitting. Plus, maybe the idea for the version of Thor we’ve got now had an early start in this movie. It was certainly a nice touch anyway.

*Leaving Las Vegas

This supersedes any role she’s ever played.  We can’t even allow it to be part of this list.  Shue was excellent in this film.

Shue is just an all-around awesome actress that can easily fulfill many parts. Again, it would be nice to see her reenter the world of the Karate Kid in Cobra Kai.  And no, we didn’t forget Hollow Man either.

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