The Best Uses of Hall and Oates Songs in Movies

Have you ever started humming a favorite tune, heard it on the radio, or in a movie, and said “I know that song?” Well the chances are good that it might be a track laid down by Hall & Oates back in the day.  These two were known for a lot songs that could invoke a host of feelings and emotions that made people either fall in love or just want to cry. That’s the mark of a good songwriter and probably why they’re still fairly popular today. Some of their songs still pop up in movies now and again either for the sake of nostalgia or because they just make sense. There’s a lot of feeling packed into every song, and it’s that quality that makes people want to remember them.

So just to jog your memory, here are a few songs from Hall & Oates that you might easily remember.

5. You Make My Dreams – Step Brothers

If you thought this film was kind of odd you’re not alone, yet somehow it managed to tie itself up in a nice little bow and become a fan favorite of quite a few people. Two step brothers that haven’t grown up and haven’t been allowed to considering how their parents enable them might seem like kind of a strange idea for a movie, but obviously someone did something right considering that it’s remembered so fondly. And oh yeah, the song did actually tie in nicely once they started getting along.

4. She’s Gone – Better Off Dead

That lonely feeling you get when the supposed love of your life goes off and falls for what she thinks is her dream guy is something a lot of guys have gone through. Your heart feels like it’s been ripped out, your guts trampled on, and you even have trouble just living out a normal existence. We didn’t all try to kill ourselves in such hilarious fashion however, which is fortunate. But somehow John Cusack just makes the attempt look just ridiculous enough to be funny.

3.  You Make My Dreams – 500 Days of Summer

So yeah, I repeated this but I don’t care.  It’s that good and there’s no way you can argue that with me.


2. I Can’t Go For That-Aloha

It’s not often you get to see Bill Murray cutting a rug with anyone, let alone Emma Stone. The last time he really got down and boogied I think was back in Groundhog’s Day with Andie McDowell, but considering the years between the two I’d have to check. Anyway, it’s nice to see that Murray’s still got the moves with the ladies even if he is starting to sag and wrinkle in a few more places.

1. Maneater – Runaway Bride

This song seems more like a cautionary tale, and so does the title. Who in the world would go after a bride that keeps running away? Well, obviously Richard Gere would. Maybe it’s because he really got to know her before trying to walk her down the aisle, rather than wanting her to conform to the life that he already had. Lesson guys: don’t make your bride to be adjust to your lifestyle, COMPROMISE. If you find a pair of running shoes laced up and by the front door on your wedding day, you might have a problem.

Hall & Oates could certainly set the tone for a movie. Even in today’s films they’re still a common staple and quite honestly should be. If nothing else they give a little more feeling most films that is sorely needed sometimes.


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