Five Burning Questions We Still Want Answered on “The Blacklist”

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If you’re not already a big-time fan of “The Blacklist”, you really should be. It’s one of the most interesting shows currently on television. And, if you’re missing it, you’re definitely missing one of the all-time best acting performances on earth. James Spader plays Raymond “Red” Reddington on the show and the part fits him to a “T”. According to Rolling Stone magazine Spader is the “strangest man on television’. He does actually have a few odd outlooks on life. He believes in negative population growth and says that’s why he has two sons with his ex-wife, one with his current girlfriend, and no more. That way the three boys will eventually replace the three of them. Interesting theory. He also freely admits to having some very strong obsessive-compulsive issues. He later stated that this affects his work in a positive way by manifesting itself in an obsessive attention to detail. This OCD attention to detail is what makes the Reddington character so amazingly intriguing to watch. And, watch we will, right up until the last episode has aired and the last question has been answered.

“The Blacklist” is a show with more twists and turns than the Beach Boys song’s “Deadman’s Curve”.That’s another thing that keeps fans coming back week after week and season after season. It’s also the unanswered questions that abound in the weekly scripts and cry out for answers. So, we have put together a list of the five burning questions we still want answered on “The Blacklist” as follows:

1. Who in the world is Raymond Reddington?

For several seasons, audiences were on the edge of their seats waiting for that magic moment when we would find out for sure that Red was Liz’s father. After all, he doted on her and they acted so much like father and daughter. In fact, they acted that way progressively more and more with each episode. Sure, there were hints upon hints all the time but we were all asking when Red would finally admit it to Liz. Well, we all got our wish but it was really short-lived. The two seemed so happy as real live Daddy and daughter. And, we loved the father-daughter-dance beside the pool at the seedy motel. But, of course, in true Blacklist fashion, it all turned out to be another big fat lie!

What? Red ISN’T Liz’ father? Nope. Not only that, but it turns out that Red isn’t even Red either. Raymond Reddington is just a person who the current Red stole the Red identity from. What? Why would anybody in their right mind choose an international criminal’s identity to steal? And, who was he really back in the good old days before his surgical transformation? Well, that’s why this is our number one question, which we’re sure will be answered before the series finale.

2. Is Red sick?

Throughout the show’s sixth season, it’s been implied that Red might need to be cured of something but no clue what it is. Red wanted to have “The Pharmacist” located and perhaps he needed him to come up with a cure for somebody. Could that somebody be Red? Well, according to CinemaBlend, the nature of that particular ailment will hopefully be just one of the things that are soon to be revealed. How could Red be sick, however, if he had a pre-execution physical and was found fit for death? The finale of Season 6 could end up shining the proverbial light on this question as well.

3. Is Anna McMahon’s Red’s Antithesis and Why?

It’s a fact that Anna McMahon was the absolute worst of the bad guys in the sixth season. After all, she was looking forward to Red being executed and it was allegedly because she was intent on protecting her conspiracy against the government. Too bad, Anna, Red was was granted a stay of execution along with a brand new immunity deal. But, now she runs the Task Force. Will they be able to bring her down? They have yet to accomplish that. Only time will tell and, at the same time, maybe we’ll all find out exactly is what is at the root of her ongoing grudge against Red. It seems pretty personal and we’d like to know why.

4. Could Ilya Really Be Red?

Could that be Red’s true identity? Could what Liz’s grandfather had to say on the subject the answer to whether Red was once actually Ilya Koslov, Katarina’s BFF? A few pieces of this puzzle are still missing but like Ressler once said, there really are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding both Ilya and Red.

5. Where’s Mom?

We’ve always wondered what really happened to Liz’ mother, Katarina Rostova. According to CinemaBlend, in an earlier season, the subject seemed to have been settled when Red claimed that she died when she walked out into the ocean, like a heroine from a Garth Brooks ballad, and drowned. Well, that was confirmed to be another big fat lie in Season 6. She walked away from her attempted suicide and watery grave and got in touch with her BFF, Ilya Koslov. She asked him to help her with the disappearance of herself and her parents.

Although even her father thought she was dead, Agent Ressler always believed that Katarina was still alive, as did Liz. So, does Red know where Katarina might be? Is it possible that having to keep her location a secret has something to do with why he kept his true identity a big secret, too? Could she be the in need of a cure? On the other hand, maybe he has no idea where she is. Only time will tell and we’re definitely looking forward to the answers.

So, if you have additional burning questions that you’d like answered or just subscribe to the five listed here, stay tuned and make sure that you don’t miss a single episode of “The Blacklist”. Red, Liz, The Task Force, and every single criminal on the blacklist will be bringing more excitement to the small screen and hopefully, all of our questions will soon be answered.

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