Caesar’s Transition in the Planet of the Apes Trilogy

I happen to be a tremendous fan of the new Planet of the Apes franchise.    When I first saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes in the theater I was immediately drawn in.  The movie was cool enough as it was when you had the opportunity to see Caesar develop as a young ape and form his relationship with James Franco’s character.  But the movie got even more awesome once Drago Malfoy entered the picture in that crummy zoo-like holding cell for animals.   It’s at this point in the movie that Caesar gets his very first glimpse at what would become a running them of this films, “humans are not to be trusted and they only look out for themselves.”

When Caesar first says “NO!” in that movie I think everyone in the theater including myself was completely shocked.  Honestly it was one of the cooler moments I’ve witnessed in cinema.  From that point on Caesar started to turn and his views on humanity were never the same.  Gradually Caesar began to be more distrusting of the human race and his evolution has gotten him to the point of an all out war which will seem to take place in War for the Planet of the Apes.

Perhaps no better an example of Caesar’s transition is when you put the photos of all three movies right next to each other.  As Constanza would say in Seinfeld, “George is getting upset!”

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