Can Martha Higareda Achieve Major U.S. Stardom?

As far as US stardom goes it seems that Martha Higareda has already achieved it a few times, but MAJOR US stardom still seems to be something that she’s flirting with but hasn’t quite reached. So far in her career, her very impressive career no less, she’s done quite a bit and been seen in several English-speaking productions that have utilized her skills quite well. But the idea of breaking out of that level that she’s at now seems to be something that might be beyond her reach at the moment and could possibly remain outside her reach for a while to come. It has nothing to do with her acting, as she’s on point and is definitely good enough at what she does. But there is a serious saturation of talent when it comes to Hollywood right now and it seems as though getting noticed for major roles that can make or break a person is not as easy as it might have once been.

Her skills are just fine and her desire and passion to break into a new level of acting is impressive and should hopefully be rewarded eventually. But just in case you still don’t know who she is or recognize her then pay attention.

Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassin’s Ball

If you’ve never seen Smokin’ Aces then you should head online and find it, download it, and then watch it a couple of times so that you can understand what you’re looking at. If you never watch the first one then you might be able to get into the second one since it’s just as crazy and is just as violence-driven as the first. The story kind of falls by the wayside when the guns start blazing and the death toll starts to rack up, but the idea of it leading into that is just awesome. Martha plays an assassin who kills by a few different methods but is also known to kill by poison, which is applied to her lips in a special way that is just ingenious but also quite devious. Her character plays upon her sex appeal and does it so well that she has no trouble taking down her targets. The movie doesn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities since it’s not meant to, but it’s a fun one to watch all the same and is something that action junkies might enjoy.

Altered Carbon

This is a different kind of show in that it uses humans as ‘sleeves’ for discs that can contain the memories of another person and be used to integrate those memories within another body. When the main character is implanted with one of these discs he’s then used to solve a murder as he has no other choice save going back to prison. Martha plays the Detective Ortega in this scifi thriller and like all of her roles she’s put a lot into it and comes across as very professional and definitely in control her own character. The type of skill she has is impressive and not in the least bit lacking which is why she should be considered for a major role eventually. What genre she might excel in is hard to say since she’s been in a wide array of movies that have allowed her to showcase the versatility she can bring to the screen and the skillful way that she can adapt to just about anything.

Higareda has no lack of passion or drive to get to where she wants to be and it’s this that will no doubt be able to allow her to land whatever part she might seek if she continues to sets her sights high enough. Becoming a big star in Hollywood is always the dream for many actors but few ever reach the top without some form of hardship that makes them stronger, more capable, and able to bring forth a level of talent that is nothing short of magnificent. Martha has been great so far but she might need to kick it up a couple of notches in order to really jump start her career and continue on towards becoming one of the major stars in Hollywood. It’s not a cake walk to the top after all, and it will require a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and being in the right place at the right time. Martha has that chance since she’s been front and center now for a couple of influential projects in the US. Whether she’ll get noticed sooner or later is hard to tell since unfortunately she is a great actor but also a pretty face, which in the industry seems to make her a dime a dozen kind of woman.

That’s a regrettable statement really but it’s true. But in all honesty it’d be awesome to see her headline a movie or a TV show.

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