Check Out The Chucky TV Series Teaser Promo

The fact that there are people that are genuinely excited about a Child’s Play TV show is a little hard to process, but not impossible. Some people have managed to keep up their level of interest in this idea after the first and second movies, and others are simply interested to see what might come of it. Personally, it’s a non-starter since the first movie was exciting, the second wasn’t terrible, and everything from that point on has been little more than schlock and awe, but again, some folks are excited and it’s not my place to say that they’re wrong for being so. But the idea of bringing Chucky back for a TV appearance is something that elicits more of a deprecating chuckle than a cheer of excitement, if only because it feels as though the Child’s Play story is one that has managed to burn itself out in a big way since it’s only been getting stranger and stranger as the years have gone by. The initial movie was terrifying since, despite the fact that there have been plenty of movies featuring killer dolls, Child’s Play was something that managed to raise the bar in a big way. From that point on though it became an expected thing to see Chucky come back again and again since the whole idea of the spirit simply dissipating wasn’t something that people were willing to buy into. Somehow, someway, Chucky was bound to come back since the spirit that operated the doll was going to stick around.

In 2019 the idea that a reboot would be a good idea made it possible for the horror to begin again since it gave rise to the idea that Chucky was now being brought to ‘life’ by a computer glitch that tweaked the parameters of the doll’s programming and allowed it to become a murderous automaton that could control other electronic devices, and would taint other toys as well. This was terrifying to a point, but it probably should have been turned into its own movie since it didn’t come off as well as it should have. One of the driving things behind Child’s Play is that the possessing spirit was one of the scariest aspects of the movie since there was no telling if one movie or another was going to be it, or if the guy was going to come back over and over until someone managed to realize that an exorcism was needed, not just a shot to the heart and a total dismembering. Plus, someone would think that discontinuing the line of Good Guy dolls might be a good idea after a while since this appeared to be a common problem that had to do with the line. But things like this aren’t bound to be simple in a horror movie, especially one that’s become a goofy franchise that people happen to enjoy for one reason or another.

But a TV show? It feels like it might have the same chance at success as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, meaning that it doesn’t sound like a great idea since, in the history of horror movies, not a lot of them have been able to do well as a series. Some might wonder why since there should be plenty of stories that could be derived from one horror story. But the truth is that some horror stories are better off being a single tale since from front to back they require a very specific set of events that take place so that the story can be told in an effective manner that will entertain the audience and get them to keep watching. A TV series is going to intriguing if it does happen to work, but the sad reality is that it really doesn’t sound like that great of an idea. Chucky doesn’t feel like a villain that could carry a series, no matter that he’s been forced to carry a franchise that has more of a cult following no matter how mainstream the character is. Seriously, this really doesn’t sound like the greatest of ideas, but the fact that it’s being pushed forward means that such a feeling is a part of the minority and not a popular line of thinking among many people.

There are plenty of days when it feels as though Chucky should have folded up tents and moved on by now, but then again, a lot of people happen to be highly invested in the story and this is a big reason why the murderous doll has been kept around. If the series does that well then it will mean that enough people want to see it happen, but if not, well, I won’t say I told you so but it will be a bit of vindication.

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