10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dan Byrd

Dan Byrd is the type of actor who seems to have had a role in almost everything. Even if he isn’t someone you know by name, you’ve definitely seen his face on your screen at one time or another. He began acting professional when he was a kid and has built a long list of credits that includes roles in shows like ER, Judging Amy, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His quiet but commanding on screen presence has allowed him to portray a wide variety of characters. Throughout his career he has become most widely known, for his role in the movie Easy A and the TV series Cougar Town. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Dan Byrd.

1. He’s Won Several Awards

Dan may not be the most recognizable person in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean his work has gone unnoticed. He’s been nominated for several awards throughout his career and has even gone home with some wins. Most notably, he won a Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2010 for Best Actor.

2. He Was Supposed To Be In The Remake Of Revenge Of The Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds is one of the most memorable films of the 80s, and it almost caught a second wind with a remake in the late 2000s. Dan Byrd was set to appear in the movie which began filming in 2006. Unfortunately, the project was shut down after just two weeks of shooting.

3. He’s A Very Private Person

Dan has spent most of his life in the entertainment industry, but he’s never been one to enjoy being in the spotlight when he isn’t on set. He has always been a very private person and hasn’t shared many details regarding his personal life. He also doesn’t appear to be active on social media.

4. He Thought He Was Going To Have To Pass On The Film Norman

In 2010, Dan played the title character in the film Norman and it provided him with the perfect opportunity to show the depth of his skills. However, he almost had to walk away from the opportunity. He told Shock Ya, “I was the first one cast and then they auditioned for the Emily character, the girl, and they found her and then as things were sort of gearing up and getting ready to go, I found out that this pilot that I had done probably a year prior got picked up all of a sudden and so I thought that, ‘I don’t know. Does this mean I’m gonna miss out on this opportunity?…John [Segal], the director, was cool and nice enough to just kind of put everything on hold and wait.”

5. He’s Married

Even though we don’t know too much about Dan’s life outside of his work as an actor, we do know that he has been married to Lauren Smith since 2016. Lauren also keeps a pretty low profile and we weren’t able to track down any information on who she is and what she does.

6. He Was Raised In Georgia

Dan is originally from Chicago but was raised in Marietta, Georgia. However, because he started acting at an early age, his upbringing was fairly unconventional. During high school, he spent most of his time living in Los Angeles working and auditioning for new roles.

7. He Doesn’t Like To Complain

Being an actor has always been Dan’s dream and he’s happy to be getting the chance to do what he’s always wanted to do. Acting does have lots of ups and downs, but Dan doesn’t like to complain about the downs because he’s grateful to have all of the opportunities he’s had so far.

8. He Will Be In An Upcoming Amazon Prime Series

It’s been a few years since Dan has had a major on screen role, but he’s officially back in business. He has a main role in the upcoming Amazon Prime series, Utopia. The show follows a group of people who meet online and get involved with a plot to save the world. Utopia is set to be released on September 25.

9. He Believes In The Importance Of Tolerance

If there’s one thing the world could use a lot more of, it’s tolerance. Dan is a firm believer in this and hopes that some of the projects he’s worked on will help push this idea forward. With tolerance and respect, the world would be a much kinder place for a lot of people.

10. He Doesn’t Have A Genre Preference

Some actors prefer to work on certain kinds of projects, but Dan isn’t too particular. He told Media Mikes, ” The only real criteria I have is that I try to find roles that will turn out well. The genre that I am working in is kind of secondary to the quality of the project. The role has to be something that I think will benefit me in the long run.”

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