10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daniel Ings

Just from his career thus far it almost seems as though Daniel Ings is someone that really likes to prep himself for a role and for a run at a career-changing sequence of events. That assumption is made after looking at his career and how often it seems he’s lumped so many different projects into a single year, but it could be that he likes to get extremely busy so as to take advantage of the moment and then take a break when things are allowed to slow down. It’s hard to tell without talking to him directly, but appearances do seem to indicate that he enjoys taking on multiple projects at once, which is difficult for the average person but in some cases is almost like a high to some people that love to stay constantly busy. In any case it seems to have worked for him since he’s been thriving in his career for a while now.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. His career started in 2004.

It’d be interesting to think that at any moment he’s going to start getting insanely busy again, thereby forming a pattern in his career that he might become known by. At this point he’s still working but it would seem that he might have hit a slight lull. Perhaps he’s looking for other projects to occupy himself with.

9. He’s been a stage actor.

Daniel has put in his time on the stage and has done quite well. It’d be interesting to hear just what an actor thinks about the difference between being on stage versus being in front of the camera, if only to get their firsthand experience and opinion.

8. He had a small part in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

It was a very small part in fact, one that you might not even be aware of or notice in all the commotion. He played a royal guard that was there and gone within the film and to be honest since this was one of the more reviled among the franchise it might not be something that’s easily found.

7. He was in Eddie the Eagle.

This was a rather inspirational story based on a true story of a famed British ski jumper that simply wouldn’t quit and was so unconventional in his methods that his own country tried to ban him from the games. It’s hard to know which side to sit on with this film but honestly it seems like a lot more fun to be impressed.

6. He stars in The Crown.

The rise of Queen Elizabeth is detailed in this series and it’s nothing of a laughing matter if even a shred of it is pulled from the truth since the responsibility of the crown is something that a lot of people would crumble under considering what it means to care more for your country and the position you hold than the people in your life that should be the most important of all.

5. He’s 32 years old.

So quite honestly he’s not all that old, he’s past his youthful years and into his mid-life in a way, but he’s still young enough to have a long and hopefully successful future ahead of him and the chance to make a real legacy moving forward.

4. He’s a very private person and doesn’t share a lot with the media.

This is probably for the best since those that want to know every little thin about a person and what makes them who they are tend to feel entitled at times to opinions about those individuals that are really nothing but ways to harm the person’s reputation and possibly spread their own agenda without any real need to do so.

3. He is happily married with two kids.

There’s something about a married man with children that seems to proclaim him as safe to some people, though it’s not always that way. In this day and age the sanctity of family isn’t what it used to be, no matter that it should in some cases.

2. He stars in Lovesick.

Love is not an easy thing. Finding it, cultivating it, keeping it, and holding on to it if anything happens is a big undertaking that a lot of people don’t seem to realize until they try to go through it and expect it to be simple. Love isn’t a trend that you pick up and then drop off the moment that you’re through with it, because quite honestly it changes you the moment you embrace it for the first time.

1. It’s not really known what his net worth is just yet.

That sounds odd to say largely because so many people have a net worth that’s set and don’t really experience a great amount of change unless something very big happens in their lives. But at this moment his net worth is still kind of up in the air.

Daniel Ings has what it takes to be an even bigger star than he is at this point.

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