Days of Our Lives: Dr. Rolf is Back

Days of Our Lives fans know that Dr. Rolf is coming back, and it won’t be more than a few more days before we see signs of him. He won’t show up in the flesh just yet, but he is going to show up in more than a few little flashbacks. As everyone is trying to help Will remember who he is, we are going to find that he is going to see the doctor time and time again in memories. Perhaps he won’t realize the significance of this just yet, but it’s important. We know that things won’t always go his way, but we also know that there is a chance his memory will come back.

And there might be someone to help him with that. He does seem relatively fond of the name Arianna, and that might mean this little girl can bring back more of his memories. It seems he’s not been able to fully block his memory of Arianna, and it seems to us that someone might realize that before much longer and hope that a face-to-face meeting with her can help him.

Arianna will remember her father. But will he remember her when he sees her face? And how will her mother, Gabi, feel about this? We hear that she’s about to get some excellent news, and we can only imagine it’s the news that her daughter’s father is still alive after all this time. Can she and Arianna help him remember who he is?

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