Days of Our Lives In-Depth: Jack and Jennifer

Days of Our Lives fans have so many questions about Jack and Jennifer. Will they ever find themselves in a happy place again? Will they ever find that their lives are working in their favor again? Will they ever find themselves in the middle of a great love story once again? He’s been dead so many years, but he wasn’t actuallyd ead all those years. Now he is back in Salem, and we cannot help but wonder if there is more to this story than meets the eye. Of course, there is more to this story. You see, there are things going on here that we cannot even handle due to the fact that we know there is always more to it. In light of the fact that we’ve been noticing him acting more and more like himself in some situations, we have to wonder if there is a chance he might be getting back to his real life. Let’s delve into that a little more, shall we?

His Memories

In some way, he can remember a few things about his life that he was unable to remember a while back. He might not know himself the way he did so many years ago, but he is making some promising strides. In fact, we think that he’s been able to handle himself a little better in small moments lately. Just last week, we saw him share a warm moment with Jennifer discussing a moment from their past. It was a sweet moment that gave her some hope, and we thought that he might just be more like his old self in that moment than in any other moment. For now, though, we just cannot tell if he will do anything with this or if he will simply make it his mission in life to figure things out on his own in some capacity. He’s been getting better, but he’s also still in the power of Eve. She’s got a hold on him, and he cannot seem to let her go.

His New Job

Now that he is the mayor of Salem, he’s been making a lot of changes. Most of those changes, however, have not been his own doing. They have been suggestions from Eve. They have been ideas that are hers. They have been hurtful ideas that have made things in his small town so much worse than they were so long ago. At some moment, we feel that he is going to start to realize that his own ideas are not his own ideas. There is a small chance he might see things for the way they are in the moment, but he might not be able to see this right away. This might take some time on his part, but we can see it coming. He did offer his son a job, and that is a good thing. He might not be himself, but he seems welcoming of the fact that he has children and grandchildren, which we feel is a telling sign.

It’s Never Worked Out

Jennifer is a beautiful, kind, smart woman who has so much going for her, yet she cannot find any other love any other time she looks. She’s gone on more than a few dates, seen more than a few men, and had more than her fair share of chances to find love since her husband died all those years ago. But, nothing has ever worked out for her. She always finds a reason for things to stay casual. She’s never been able to get serious about anyone. Eric might be the closest she was able to get for a while, but they are clearly better as friends than they are anything else. She is making it clear that she has her own moments in history to work through, and she’s not making it easy on anyone else. In light of the fact that she’s been unable to find her own true love — ever — we have to assume she is the kind of woman who is holding out for her one true love. Jack. And that might mean more than anything else in his life, too. They could make it, if they tried.

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