Do You Believe This Theory that Gus Fring Was Working for the CIA?

It just goes to show that even after their death a lot of characters are still being thought about since Kara Hedash of Screenrant is bringing up the idea of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad having a relationship with the CIA. It does make a lot of sense really when you think about how easily Gus tended to operate and how he got in with the Mexican cartel so easily, but it also covers his back story in a big way since apparently there wasn’t any information on him during his life in Chile. There are only a few people that could and would erase that kind of history in the world, and for their own shady purposes the CIA do have a reputation when it comes to the movies and TV for doing some fairly strange but clandestine things behind the scenes. In Breaking Bad it’s not beyond belief that this would be the case since Gus was so supremely confident in his abilities and his seat of power, something that a kingpin could possibly take for granted at times and not worry about, be definitely not something that they should do on a continual basis. Yet for the most part Gus was a pretty chill guy that didn’t tend to worry about much. With an agency like the CIA getting your back it definitely stands to reason that the comfort level would be much higher than it would in those that didn’t have this kind of backing.

As a villain in the Breaking Bad series he was obviously one of the worst since he was patient, condescending to a point, and had the kind of look that made a person wonder if he was sizing them up or really just wanted them to go away before he did something violent. Gus’s death came at a time that had a lot of people wondering if it was the right move or if it was a little impulsive, since it’s likely that he could have gone on being the bad guy that Walt and Jesse could escape but could never fully outrun.  Of course the way he went out does raise a couple of very good questions about his supposed link with the CIA. For one it makes a person think of just how strong that link was since it does appear that Gus was able to operate with some impunity while the CIA never tended to step in when it looked like they should. On the other hand it looks from many instances as though the agency might have finally given up on Gus after a while and cut ties. If not while he was alive then certainly once he was gone. Yes, that’s kind of a ‘duh’ moment but at the same time it makes a person wonder just what the real relationship was, if in fact the theory is correct and there was one in the first place.

Breaking Bad was a show that operated in layers and different sections that all had their own moving parts it would appear since there was a sort of feel to the show that once you figured out one aspect then you had a grasp on that section, not the whole thing. How a normal, everyday chemistry teacher could become one of the most powerful and most devious meth dealers and chefs in the region is kind of hard to think about, and beyond the pale for the character when he first got started. Stefan Kostarelis of Paste has more to say on the character of Gus. But during the course of the show it was obvious that Walter and Jesse were both going to change in a big way while characters like Gus had already changed in their own ways and were set in stone, as much as any one character can be. This could be a big reason why Gus never had a chance to move forward after his arc was decided since his back story explained how far he’d come and why the end of the road had to be written in at some point. It’s a little difficult to continue a character that’s been through so much already and has reached a point where a terminus exists and is difficult if not impossible to push through. At that point it becomes necessary to give them an exit or find a way that they can fade into the background so that their arc isn’t ruined by a continuation that makes little to no sense.

In other words, Gus needed to die. The theory of his working with the CIA notwithstanding he was at the end of his tale and it was time to give him a sendoff that was worthy of the character since he did come in and make a grand mess of Walt and Jesse’s lives. If he did work with the CIA during his time on screen it’s kind of obvious that they might have seen him as more of a liability than a boon if he was allowed to follow a personal vendetta.

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