Everything You Need to Know about the Game of Thrones Cruise

GOT Cruise

For 38 lucky fans of the hit show Game of Thrones will eventually be possible to book passage on a cruise that will take them around various locations that were used in the filming of the show and experience what it’s like to walk among the fabled areas where a few of the characters had their most interesting and sometimes humiliating moments. Maria Pasquini of People has managed to relay a bit of information on this subject as it’s been revealed that Cruise Croatia will be visiting several places around the country where GoT was known to film. A lot of fans might still be reeling over the way that the show ended but perhaps for a few a nice, relaxing cruise to the scenes behind the scenes might be just what is needed to put their anxieties over the show at ease. If nothing else it’s a nice time and a pleasing trip that can possibly allow a person to enjoy the natural sights and the news of just where some of their favorite scenes from the season took place.

As Scott Sutton of WPTV has indicated the tour will take seven days and nights and will visit other areas apart from those that were present in GoT as well, providing a guided tour of each area with an English-speaking individual that is an expert on the local surroundings and quite possibly on the show. If this isn’t enough there are free breakfasts and lunches and a private balcony for those lucky enough to sail forth on this cruise, and a stunning array of things to see and do that will keep many people happy for the entire seven days no doubt. There are without a doubt some folks that might scoff at something like this since the whole idea of creating a theme for a cruise that costs this much might seem silly. But then again there are people that spend a small fortune on Disney-themed cruises for their kids that are just as silly if not more so and those same folks might justify that kind of expense in what seems like a rational manner. To each their own in any regard, but for Game of Thrones fans this seems like something unique and special to consider if it can be afforded and if a person can tear themselves away for a week in order to book the trip.

The one downfall for some folks is that this cruise isn’t exactly cheap. There are a couple of contests going if a person can find them that would offer a free seat to the winner and three or four guests of their choosing, but the competition for such an opportunity is going to be fierce indeed without a doubt. With less than forty seats on the luxury yacht there’s bound to be a lot of folks trying to wheel and deal their way on whether they’re fans of the show or not. Being a fan though it would be something unique and special since apart from the green screen studios there were locations where the show was filmed that seem rather interesting and more than steeped in their own history if people are willing to hear it. The whole thing ends up at the site where the King’s Landing shots were filmed for a special sendoff at the end of the cruise, though the week-long experience allows the lucky few to make their way throughout the country of Croatia to see just where some of the best scenes from the show were placed and how much effort it really took to make this happen.

Megan Schaltegger from Delish has already reported that it’s not cheap. A single ticket will cost upwards of $1,895, with VIP tickets being closer to $2,400 per person. So it’s not a quick impulse buy that many people will be trying to vie for, and it’s certainly not something that you’d see as just another vacation. Nope, when I say experience I mean just that, as this would be something that a few people would gladly save up for and those that can afford it would do well to not take lightly. It’s not every day after all that a cruise like this comes along to commemorate a show that for the past 8 years has meant to much to people. GoT was after all a worldwide phenomenon that captivated millions and created a rich and detailed world that people were sorry to see go in the final season. With that in mind this cruise is something that will no doubt be seen as something increasingly special to those that manage to come aboard and enjoy the full and luxurious experience that’s waiting to be had. As of now however the cruise isn’t set to go until August of 2020, but you can imagine that some folks are going to be checking their finances to see if they can make their reservations early.

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