The Evolution of Rene Russo From Major League Until Now

Rene Russo is a name that many upon many people know and her face is just as recognizable since she’s been killing it ever since she starred in Major League. If you can remember she was a fresh-faced young woman in that film and was simply gorgeous, especially when she eschewed the fine clothing for more comfortable wear that one might see at the ballpark. To be perfectly honest though it doesn’t matter what she wears or who she stars with because she’s always managed to shine in whatever part she played. Be it an action role or something a little more low key she’s always been a welcome sight.

The First Evolution

From that point on she was just rolling and her credits prove it since she started taking more active roles and appearing with stars that, like her, were on the rise. Lethal Weapon 3 was probably her next really big role since the movie was already part of a franchise that people absolutely loved and would go to see without much hesitation. Before this she was cast in Freejack with Emilio Estevez and Mr. Destiny with James Belushi. She played roughly the same kind of role as she did in Major League, a strong-willed woman but one that didn’t do a whole lot more than was expected of her. In Lethal Weapon 3 however she took on a new attitude and definitely came out with a role that was far more integrated into the main theme of the movie. As you can see here it’s a far cry from her other movies to that point.

In one way you can kind of chalk this up to her needing to keep up with the men, which she did in spectacular fashion, but you could also say that she was evolving into the next phase of her career which made it necessary to take this route and show just how awesome she could be. Of course pulling this kind of role obviously wasn’t her only option and it didn’t seem likely that she’d stick with it all that much. That was why the next evolution seemed to see her stay in the authority role but ascend to a different level than she’d previously enjoyed alongside Glover and Gibson. It definitely suited her to be sure but it was yet another evolution on the way to another. At the very least though each step she’s taken along her career has been interesting to observe and has suited her perfectly as she’s stepped into each role with nothing less than perfection.

The Second Evolution

This is when Pierce Brosnan was kind of at the peak of his popularity since afterwards it started to drop quite significantly. But Rene Russo has never seemed to go out of style as she’s taken one role after another. You could say that the second evolution happened sometime before this, but honestly it seems that it was still in transition until she finally reached this point, becoming something that would enable her to retain the authority she’d already gained and yet stay just as deadly as ever. She didn’t get physical any longer, but she did have the kind of attitude that meant she was in charge and would remain so for as long as she liked. It didn’t matter that Thomas Crown got the better of her character, she was still very much the authoritative figure that she needed to be. Following this however she did happen to see a dip in her status as a movie star as the years began to wear on. She was no longer the fresh-faced young woman that had started out on such a high note, and needed to find something that would perk her career up again. It meant that she had to go back a step, while reinventing herself it would seem.

The Third Evolution

As the Asgardian goddess and queen, Frigga, a name from Norse mythology, she became the fighter once again, but was also allowed to be the mothering type, someone that served as teacher, protector, and wise woman all in one. It wasn’t exactly an award-winning role such as she performed in Nightcrawler, where she was nominated for no less than nine different awards, three of which she actually won, but it was a chance to do something that tied her to the kind of roots she’d laid down while becoming a serious actress. It was also, for MCU fans, a part that was woefully short but still pleasant enough since it showed that she could still rise to the occasion and create a character that was memorable and more than a little formidable.

Whether there will be another evolution is uncertain, but it could be that at this point we’ll be looking more for transcendence in her career since she has reached a point that she no longer needs to reinvent herself. As of now she’s a legend in the making and someone that has earned the respect due to someone that’s contributed so much to the film industry.

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