Fan’s Han Solo Anime Short Looks As Good as The Movie’s

It didn’t show much but the idea behind this Solo Anime short looks like it might be as good as the movie. When it comes to the actual movie though I’m sure that I’m not alone in wondering how much of Solo’s original canon got cut and if that would be a wise move to do such a thing. After all so much of the original canon has already been cut following Return of the Jedi that you can’t really cut anymore out or modify it in any way and still keep the same feel of the movie. Some people might want to argue that we don’t know enough about Solo to reckon that changing things up couldn’t happen without anyone knowing, but that argument can be torn to pieces without a second thought.

For one, Solo knows the Imperial Navy and how it operates for the most part. As a smuggler a person wouldn’t be made privy to the kind of things he knows and can possibly avoid on a regular basis. It would take someone that knew the ins and outs of the navy and just how they work to get around them so efficiently.  So obviously from the trailer Solo is still going to be a part of the Empire for a brief period.

His origins as a kid could be tweaked just a bit since the movies never really went into that a lot, but keeping him as a cocky kid that wants to be a pilot was a must. He has a natural lack for flying, can speak with Wookies, and is just so full of himself that it seems like he’s never at a loss for what to say. We know that part’s not true but he certainly plays it up like it is. So his early years need to stay pretty close to what they were in the books, at least enough that it would fit in with the movie and show people that Han Solo did in fact have a rocky start in life that continued onward until he settled in with the Rebellion. Well, honestly he still had a rocky life then apparently since becoming a hero of the New Republic wasn’t really his style.

I know a lot of us are psyched to see the Solo movie come out, and might even be wondering just who else is going to get their own movie. There’s been talk of a Kenobi movie, and maybe even a Boba Fett movie, but nothing’s on the books quite yet it would seem. Solo though is one story that’s been needing to be told for a long time since there have been hints and clues as to what the famous smuggler did before his inclusion into the Rebel Alliance, albeit reluctantly. A lot of people that have read the books could tell you word for word what he did when he was younger, but it will be a lot more interesting to see it on film and see just what the filmmakers decided to put in and leave out.

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