Five Actors Who Should Play Anderson Cooper in a Movie

In this generation, one of the best journalists is by far Anderson cooper. He is an anchor with the immensely popular CNN news cable network. Aside from being an anchor, he has his show, Anderson Cooper 360 which has been running since 2003. One of the things that endeared Mr Cooper to a mainstream audience is when he came out of the closet in 2012 and revealed he was gay. The revelation was touching and considered as a statement of bravery to many minorities, especially in the LGBTQ community. A look at his persona gives you the impression that he is someone to be celebrated for a long time even when he quits his anchoring duties. One way to honor him could be by a movie showcasing his life. For a film, the following are some of the actors that can bring a decent portrayal of this journalist.

1. Dan Amboyer

One striking thing about Anderson cooper is his charm. His charm transcends from his looks, overall personal image and his composure. To do justice on his portrayal in a movie, someone with similar attributes should take the leading role. The person to take on the part can be none other than Dan Amboyer. The two are very similar, starting from the looks and the impressive thing is that Amboyer is also openly gay. He came out of the closet in 2017 and is proud of his orientation. There can be only a slight mismatch when looking at their height difference, considering Dan is a good few inches taller than Cooper. Amboyer has the experience in taking on serious roles, looking at his portrayal of Prince William of Wales in the film, William and Catherine: A Royal Romance.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

When looking at versatility in bringing out characters, Leonardo DiCaprio is an obvious choice topping the list. DiCaprio has been in a host of films and can bring out his best in biography movies. He has the looks and aura needed to bring Mr Anderson to our screens. They have an almost similar body build, and his box office drawing power will do justice to the commercial success of the movie.

3. James McAvoy

The journalist’s story is very passionate, highlighting all the hurdles he had to overcome while growing up. The obstacles include losing his father and brother while he was still young and also his self-identity battle. All of this makes for a passionate narrative, and none other than James McAvoy can bring the heart tingling scenes to life. The Scottish actor is very experienced with almost 25 years of experience, characterized by taking on different parts. His versatility is also vital in the biographical movie, considering the humorous side Cooper takes on in his stint as an entertainer. One attribute that makes McAvoy a perfect candidate for Anderson’s part in a movie is his build. He stands at 1.7 meters tall, which is eight centimetres shy of the anchor’s height. They have an almost similar build, and he will fit in effortlessly. His Scottish accent is not that prominent and his voice acting experience will help him tune his voice to fit the part. Look at his work in X-men: First Class, Penelope and The Last King of Scotland to have a taste of his expertise in film.

4. Ryland Adams

To understand the life of Anderson Cooper and bring it out ideally, it needs an actor who has been in similar situations as him. The point of focus is the natural appeal of the movie. The character needs to own the role and feel like he is now the anchor. Someone who is gay has an idea of the crisis that it is to come out. A suitable actor to take on the role based on the attributes indicated is Ryland Adams. Like Cooper, he is also gay and is very comfortable with it. He can also assume the anchorman role well as he has had stints as an on-air host. He is mainly active on YouTube, where he has a channel and shares a lot about his personal life. He is the exact height of the anchor and can bring his part out ideally. Another thing to his advantage is his drawing numbers and can use his vast YouTube following to promote the movie and make it a box office success. The only thing that can be a hurdle to Ryland Adams is his lack of experience.

5. Taylor Lautner

Though this may seem like an odd pick, Taylor Lautner can also play the part of Anderson excellently. He has the experience factor behind him and an excellent backstage reputation, meaning he can work well with the various crew to make the movie a success. He has the right body build and the charm associated with the news correspondent to make a perfect match. Playing the role can also work wonders to his dwindling acting career that many term quite disappointing considering his initial meteoric rise. He can make some changes to his hair to get the blonde look associated with Cooper. A fitting suit on and he is a suitable candidate to bring the character to life.

In Conclusion…

Anderson cooper is a crucial figure in the world of journalism with quite a history behind his name. His passionate reporting of events, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, made him a name to look out for in news reporting. He dropped the bomb in 2012 by coming out of the closet, which to many, was an inspiring move. To celebrate his life, a movie is a right move, and the above actors are the right candidates to play the part. We hope the film will come to fruition soon and get to see a part of his life hidden from us.

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