Five Actors Who Should Play Michael Bloomberg in a Movie

What to say about Michael Bloomberg? Well, that kind of depends on which side of the political line you fall on and whether or not he’ll actually go through with his bid to enter the presidential race in 2020. At this point it’s almost like listening to Dr. Evil from Austin Powers as his “Oh, I don’t know, who am I?” kind of stance seems to infuriate some people and make others laugh. That being said it might be interesting to see what he could do and possibly if he even stands a chance. If he’s ever shown as a character in a movie however you can bet that depending on the stance of the director, the actor playing him, and the producer of the movie, he’ll either be viewed as a stoic individual or something of a wishy-washy type that might not be able to make up his mind on some matters but is resolute on others. In a big way he’s been very impressive to a lot of people but when talking about politics it does seem as though he’s bound to go wherever the winds take him at times.

Here are a few candidates that might be able to play Bloomberg in a movie.

5. Michael Caine

Unless the movie was to feature Bloomberg as a young man it would behoove any director to look at the older section of actors that are available in show business, and Michael Caine would be a good start since he’s one of the best around and has proven it multiple times. It’s also been seen that he can get around his very strong accent and act just as American as anyone else which is insanely impressive and has managed to entertain a lot of people throughout his career. Given his attitude as well it might be that he would be a good pick since he can act like the most lovable good guy in a movie or he can be someone that people will truly detest.

4. Al Pacino

This might be a bit difficult since Al Pacino is not a big guy and it would appear that Bloomberg does stand a bit taller, but that’s never really been much of an impediment to Pacino since his bark is a lot bigger than a many other actors that are much bigger than he is. Throughout the history he’s created with his career he’s done a lot of great things and has managed to make people believe in him in a big way. Whether this would be the right role for him or not is hard to say since he can fit into just about anything, but again that height issue might be something that some directors aren’t ready to work around.

3. Tommy Lee Jones

This is another guy that’s just great when it comes to his acting capabilities since he’s been the bad guy, the good guy, and the hardass for most of his career. But he’s also showed that he has a softer side that comes out when it needs to and can be a lot more understanding than some of his parts seem to indicate. The fact is also that he looks pretty good in a suit, as though he was made for such roles, and he’s the kind of no-nonsense actor that would be great for a role like this largely because he’s showed a great amount of skill when it comes to playing the part of someone that needs to be straight-laced.

2. James Cromwell

If James could contain himself long enough to stay out trouble when it comes to protesting one cause or another he might make a good addition to a cast and even make a good Bloomberg since he’s a decent actor and has the height and the ability to make people believe in his characters. But this is all contingent on whether or not he’s looking to get involved in another protest and possibly get himself through in jail yet again. At this point James might actually be a risk to bring on as a cast member, though a lot of people might actually argue against that sentiment thinking that it’s shaming him somehow.

1. Kevin Costner

Kevin is basically the reliable actor that many directors can go to when they need someone that’s not going to get too big for his britches, doesn’t always have an issue with getting in trouble for things he says or does, and can deliver a role just as well as anyone provided that he’s given a cast and a premise to really push. In a big way he’s the kind of guy you call when the top-end celebrities aren’t interested and you don’t want to go slumming for those that need a job but aren’t quite as reliable for one reason or another. He’s very good at what he does as he’s kind of the every-man of the acting world.

Whoever managed to get the part would do a fine job, it’d just be a matter of picking the person that was right in the eyes of the viewers.

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