Five Animated Characters You Didn’t Know Jenny Slate Voiced

Jenny Slate has been known for her live acting skills just as much as her voice talents, but onscreen a lot of people still don’t realize that she’s lent her voice to some very interesting characters that have been pretty well received. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that an actor can produce the kind of voices you hear in animated movies but if you listen to them do it in real life it all seems to snap into place and you can finally connect the two without much trouble. Jenny Slate has managed to do some pretty incredible voices as well but if you’ll notice one thing, they all seem to have the same basic quality.

At the very least though her voice is fun to listen and she’s capable of being very funny.

5. Gidget-Secret Life of Pets

You don’t expect little dogs to be that violent, but then again you usually expect little dogs to yap the most and try to prove that they’re really the big dogs on campus. Gidget doesn’t need to prove much but when her temper is hot she’s about the last little dog anyone would want to mess with since she’s just that awesome that she could make a hardened alley cat beg for mercy.

4. Assistant Mayor Bellwether-Zootopia

I kind of get the feeling that more people should have seen this coming in regards to a sheep living in a city filled with prey and predators. It would only be a matter of time before the niceties between the different races would break down and they would start eating one another, literally in some cases. Any prey animal with half a brain might think of protecting themselves from predators, but this kind of went above and beyond.

3. Harley Quinn-The LEGO Batman Movie

Harley Quinn is just about as inseparable from the Joker now as the Joker is from Batman. She’s been Mr. J’s right hand woman for so long now that trying to picture her not being there is kind of strange. Plus the Joker does have a soft spot for her, it’s covered up pretty well by his insane and maniacal need to kill the Batman, but it’s there. Something about Harley has been appealing ever since she joined the show.

2. Despicable Me 3-Valerie Da Vinci

The hard as nails new director the AVL, the Anti-Villain League, is quick to fire Gru and Lucy after their failure to capture an infamous crook. She’s definitely not the type that messes around and doesn’t even wait for the former director to finish his final speech before ousting him through a hole in the floor and laying to Gru as hard as she can about his failure. Thankfully by the end of the movie Gru and Lucy have regained their jobs.

1. The Lorax-Ted’s Mom

Ted’s mom seems a little clueless at times but is otherwise on top of it when it comes time to get serious. Plus she has no problem telling the mayor Thneedville a thing or two when he tries to give orders in her house.

Jenny Slate is better than some people give her credit for.

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