Five Awesome Alison Brie Moments from “Glow”

Women’s wrestling has come a long, long way since it’s inception, especially since it was considered to be a novelty act at one point. GLOW shows the absolute struggle it’s taken for women to be taken seriously as wrestlers since for a long time wrestling was seen to be a man’s sport. As one of the main characters however Allison Brie has managed to showcase just how difficult it can really be for women wrestlers to not only break into the scene but to be taken as actual performers that can carry a show. Such moments in history aren’t often forgotten even if their origins are muddied now and again thanks to the machinations of those that think they’re little more than a parody. Women in this day and age have certainly come to remind men that they’re far tougher than they look and every bit as good at putting on a show.

Here are some of the best moments featuring Allison Brie in the show.

5. Getting into it

You get the feeling that the women that gravitated towards GLOW really wanted more out of life but had no idea how to get it until they stepped into the ring and started showing what they could do. Pro wrestling is all about showmanship after all. The more you can get the people to love what you do, the more likely it is that they’ll keep coming back and will spread the word about how great the show was. Getting there however and getting people interested is the hardest part as it requires a lot of effort, hard work, and sometimes a lot of reinventing oneself to make certain that people will like them.

4. 1st episode

One thing about wrestling is that there is always a babyface and a heel, or a good guy and a bad guy. When it’s just one or the other the entertainment value tends to go down, and when it becomes more of a neutral bout between good and bad guys then things kind of go off the rails. The audience has to absolutely hate one of the competitors even if some folks tend to like them. There will always be people that will root for the ‘villain’ so their fame is pretty well assured. But getting a star to become the hero is harder since they’re the ones that need to be forthright, virtuous, and always able to take down the villain.

3. Ruth and Sam

Love and relationships in wrestling are funny things in a way since there’s no telling in this day and age which ones are real and which ones are just a part of the show. In GLOW this one is pretty easy to figure out since it’s all a part of the drama. But it’s still not always a great idea for people that work in the same industry to get with one another as it can cause a great deal of tension at times. Of course if you look at the more popular wrestling shows now you realize that it can be an advantage as well since the relationship can grow stronger since the two aren’t always apart as much thanks to being on the road.

2. Debbie’s moves

It seems like the most tension that’s created, besides that between Ruth and Debbie, comes from Ruth’s inability to stop overacting at times. It’s a boon in some cases when it comes to wrestling but it can detract from the match as well. Learning how to balance out the moves and the theatrics tends to make for a better experience for the fans and for the wrestler since it becomes a more efficient way by which to win over the crowd and to work within the confines of the ring. Doing too much and acting too grandly can at times detract from a character and thus take away from the overall show.

1. Ruth vs. Debbie

Some of the greatest rivalries in wrestling have been born from those that who know each other in real life and either can’t stand each other or are best friends. Considering that Ruth and Debbie were once great friends it stands to reason to think that they would have a great rivalry that might even make things look a little more authentic in the ring. The challenge of course would be for the women to resist the urge to actually harm one another and put on a show instead of carrying out a vendetta against one another that demanded that blood actually be spilled. It is a show after all, and past grievances do need to be put to rest for that brief amount of time.

No matter how dramatized it is, GLOW certainly does show the plight of the female wrestler and what they’ve had to go through for years now.

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