Our Five Best Psychological Thrillers of 2017

There’s nothing like a good psychological thriller to get your blood pumping and your mind working as you try to sort out just why people are doing certain things and what’s the endgame behind the movie. 2017 was a good year for thrillers as some truly creepy and disturbing ones managed to get released so that they could entertain audiences and get them talking for months after. Sometimes it’s fairly easy to see but at others it becomes kind of difficult to really understand the motivation of the characters until everything is laid out near the end. In any case the point of a thriller isn’t so much to tell you everything all at once but to give it to you slowly, gradually, and at times to throw bits and pieces of the story out to entice the audience to keep watching.

You know a movie’s good if it makes you tense up while watching.

5. 1922

Anything that comes from Stephen King is bound to be a thriller, but a lot of them are bound to be horror films as well. This one is a little different since it’s in your face about what’s going to happen but it doesn’t exactly explain the full fallout of the act. When a farmer decides to kill his wife rather than allow her to pack up and move the family to the city things start happening that can’t be fully explained. One thing is for certain though, nothing goes right after she’s gone.

4. Wind River

When a young woman is found dead of exposure there’s no telling just what prompted her to run out into the cold, barren landscape that surrounds the area, but one thing is for certain, she didn’t run out for no reason. It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to an isolated area and just who might be responsible for the kind of atrocity that comes from killing a person and being able to get away with it.

3. Happy Death Day

It’d be a special kind of hell to know that every time you wake up there’s going to be a good chance that you won’t get to finish the day and see tomorrow. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, the killer that continues to end your life each and every time is always there. So who do you trust and who do you avoid? More to the point, is the killer aware of what’s going on?

2. Split

The propensity for this kind of split personality is very rare thankfully, otherwise there would likely be more than a few individuals roaming the earth that could lay claim to multiple personalities. The level to which this individual has gone however is simply unprecedented as each one of his personalities carries not only their own mannerisms and speech patterns, but also their own biological needs and attributes.

1. Get Out

Some people would call this racism at its finest since throughout the movie there are signs and indications of such a thing, but more than anything they’re plot devices that help move the film along and explain it in greater detail. Of course racism is disturbing anywhere it’s seen, but in movies it serves a point more often than not and manages to set people against the idea quite often.

Thrillers are meant to make our hearts skip a beat now and again, it’s natural.

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