Five Questions that Need to Be Answered on Curse of Oak Island Season 6

The Curse of Oak Island has entered its 6th season and through the past years, we’ve had a lot of questions answered. It seems that for every mystery solved, there are several new ones that take its place. The Lagina brothers are geared up for another go at finding the treasure that some even doubt exists. The clues suggesting that it’s there are strong but there are so many possibilities that the reality treasure hunting show has so many enthralled in the adventure that it’s hard to walk away until the entire area has been scanned with a fine-toothed comb. There are five burning questions that still to be answered and everyone is hoping that the new season will bring some type of resolution. Here are the five things that fans are talking about as we prepare for another season.

1. What do the recent artifact finds mean?

Fans are aware of the various artifacts that the Laginas have found on the island so far. These include some bookbinding, some parchment, pearlware pottery, the gemstone brooch, and the medieval lead cross. But they’re wondering where they came from, who brought them and what they really mean. Does their presence on the island confirm anything at all? Does this have anything to do with the treasure that is believed to be there?

2. Another question that has not been answered is who do the bones belong to? Where are the rest of them?

Fans can easily build their own theories about the bones. It could be that they’re from a person who was defending the treasure or they may be the bones of an unfortunate treasure hunter, who like many others seeking the Oak Island treasure met their demise in search of the supposed cursed loot. Perhaps if more is known about who these bones actually belonged to it would yield more clues about the treasure or perhaps what might have happened to it.

3. What is underneath the wooden structure beneath the island?

When the crew was excavating they located a steel plate in the DMT shaft. The Viewers want to know what if anything is under this? They also want to know more about the wooden structure that they found under the beach. Are they going to excavate these two areas and dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding them? We all want to know for certain whether there are more clues or perhaps even a treasure in these areas.

4. Why is the team moving early and why are there more episodes scheduled?

News about early activity among the crew has leaked out. Although producers and execs haven’t been saying anything about it. This is making fans wonder what is going on and why they’re moving so quickly. Have they made some new discoveries about the treasure? There has been evidence captured to show that they’re on the scene earlier than they had scheduled to be. It’s possible that they’ve done some research and made some new discoveries that could point to where the treasure might be located. After all, last season did yield some significant finds and it’s hard telling what they’ve found out since the fifth season ended. We’ve also heard rumors that there are going to be more episodes in the sixth season. A total of 18, which is more than they’ve ever shown in a single season. Is it possible that they’re building for a big finale?

5. The big question remains. Is there treasure on Oak Island?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. The rumors and the clues suggest that there really is a treasure, but some believe that it’s just a hoax. We know that the Laginas have their hopes fixed on the probability that the treasure does exist and that it is still there or they wouldn’t put their entire life savings into the venture to find it. Everyone has their doubts about it from time to time because there is nothing set in stone saying that it’s really somewhere on the island. There’s also the possibility that there was a treasure there and that somebody else already discovered it and didn’t say anything about it. Those are the chances you take when you go on a treasure hunting expedition. You never know what you might find. We hope that Season 6 delivers the answer to the ultimate question that’s been on everyone’s mind.

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