Five Things You Didn’t Know About Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Aimee Ffion Edwards is a Welsh actress best known for her role as Sketch on “Skins” and Esme on “Peaky Blinders”. The promising young actress is also a singer and has appeared in film, theater and even as a character in a popular video game. Aimee is fluent in Welsh and English and her rising star is a result of her talent.The actress continues to act in popular British television series and is likely to continue to act in the theater as well as film. At 29 years old, Aimee Ffion Edwards appears to be focusing her talents on her rising acting career.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Aimee Ffion Edwards.

1. She played Rugby in Wales

Aimee Ffion Edwards was born in Newport Wales on November 21, 1987. The 29 year old rising television and film actress is also trained as a singer and stage actress. While attending Newport medium primary school in her hometown, Aimee also played on the school’s all male Rugby team until the age of 14 years old. While playing on the Rugby team, Aimee also took ballet lessons and would often go to Rugby practice directly from her ballet classes.

2. She appeared on a talent show

Always drawn to acting, Aimee Ffion Edwards enrolled in the National Youth Theatre of Wales, an A-level drama school in her home country. Along with drama, Aimee trained as a classical singer. In 2002, the budding actress and singer appeared in the Welsh short film Dwr Dwfn. A few years later, Aimee appeared on the Welsh reality show “Wowffactor”. She was the runner up on the televised singing competition.

3. Her acting break

Aimee Ffion Edwards got her acting break when she landed the role of Sketch on the television series “Skins”. On the drama series, she played a young girl living with her mother who has multiple sclerosis. Aimee won many fans with her portrayal of Sketch. That role led to noted popularity asa British actress. Aimee appeared as Jenny Jones in 2011’s “Luther” and began her role as Esme in the series “Peaky Blinders” in 2013. In 2014, Aimee appeared in several British television shows and movies including “A Poet In New York”, “Under the Milkwood” and “The Harrowing”. She was cast that year as Sophie in the popular television series “Detectorists”. Aimee has also appeared as Elizabeth Burton in “Wolf Hall”, Sian in “Death in Paradise”, and as Abby in the popular Channel 4 series “Loaded”. Along with her television series roles, Aimee Ffion Edwards is currently filming a miniseries “Troy: Fall of a City” in which she plays Cassandra.

4. She has appeared in film

Aside from her earlier debut in a Welsh short film, Aimee has appeared in film and may have a future in cinema. She played Sophie Adams in 2014’s “Queen and Country”. With her successful television career and increased notoriety, it’s very possible that we will see more of Aimee Ffion Edwards in the cinema.

5. She has appeared on stage

Following the attention of her role in “Skins”, Aimee was cast in her stage debut. She appeared in 2008’s “S**T M*X” in London. In 2011, Aimee appeared in the Broadway play “Jerusalem” in New York. She also portrayed Rachel Baker in the 2015 popular video game “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture”.

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