Five Things You Didn’t Know About Anna Popplewell

Anna Popplewell caught the attention of “Chronicles of Narnia” fans in her role as the oldest sister, Susan Pevensie. She’s also starring in the new “Halo 4,” her most recent endeavor as Cadet Chyler Silva. She makes the story believable and comes across as a young woman who knows what she’s doing. Fans want to know more about her. We have some interesting facts that we think her supporters want to hear about. Here are five things that you didn’t know about Anna Popplewell.

1. She didn’t know much about Halo prior to her role in Halo 4

Anna had never played the popular game or read any of the Halo books until after accepting the role in the new release. She knew that it was that it was a popular video game and that was the extent of her knowledge about it.

2. Anna had to learn about Halo to prepare for her role

Because she wasn’t familiar with gaming or Halo in particular, she had a lot of work to do in order to understand her character in the film. She started out by reading a few of the books on the topic. Next, she actually played the game. Popplewell totally immersed herself into the Halo Universe so she would understand the mythology behind the story.

3. Popplewell is afraid of mice

Anna had to work on the set of Narnia with real mice. She was initially under the impression that the mice would be computer generated, as many of the other animals were. She had a rude awakening when she discovered that they were live participants. She was so frightened that a double had to fill in for the scenes that included the mice. Although she was young at the time, she is not a fan of close contact with rodents.

4. Anna is an avid reader

Prior to landing the role of Susan, Anna had read the Chronicles of Narnia at age 7. She re-read them in order to prepare for the role. Her favorite place is Narnia compared to Middle Earth. Her favorite book is “The Secret History” by Donna Tart.

5. Anna values truth over beauty

Anna Popplewell was asked which she would choose if she could only have one. Her choices were beauty or truth. She chose truth which gives us a glimpse into her personal philosophy of life. It takes some depth of thinking and maturity to realize the importance of truth. Outer beauty is not permanent, but inner beauty can be.

Final thoughts

Anna Popplewell started her career in acting at an early age. Now at 28, she is going strong and continuing to sharpen her skills. Her new role in Halo 4 presents a few challenges but she managing them well. She has the talent and the ability to understand the characters she plays along with their backgrounds and contexts within the films. This shows the world that Anna has what it takes to continue to deliver quality work. Fans are looking for great things from her as she progresses through her career. We’re keeping an eye on her as a rising star with the potential to go far.

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