Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jamie Luner

A former starlet of Melrose Place, actress Jamie Luner has been publicly accused by a 30-something man of having been “orally stimulated” by the actress when he was just 16. That makes the incident 20 years old, apparently a popular time frame for alleged victims to bring suit against their perp. In this case, if the allegation is true and it was the victim’s first sexual experience, then it is fair to say that that it would be a memorable one. No word on whether or not the accuser is currently gay.

As for Ms. Luner, here are 5 things you may not have known until her name resurfaced in Hollywood.

1. She was once in a 4 year relationship with John Braz

Back in the 90’s, Luner was an item of interest to many a single man. That made her relationship with John Braz, a personal trainer and independent filmmaker, quite the tabloid fodder. There were even rumors the two had been secretly married, but nothing came of the relationship except rumors and a fond farewell before the end of the century.

2. Luner has somehow managed to lie low when it comes to media coverage

These revelations about her oral exercising on a 16 year old are certain to make her uncomfortable, to say the least. As a matter of history she has gone the extra mile to keep her personal life away from the cameras and the tabloids. The rumors about her and the aforementioned Cruz could never amount to anything because she has always been that way, which is rare for what was then an up and coming star in the 90’s.

3. She has a net worth of at least $2 million

Though she hasn’t really had a major acting role since All My Children she continues to find work and squirrel away enough money to rack up $2 million in assets. This is likely only an estimate since she keeps her personal life close to the vest.

4. Her first TV series, Just the Ten of Us, had several future Nightmare on Elm Street actresses alongside her.

The show co-starred Heather Langenkamp, Brooke Theiss, and JoAnn Willette, along with Luner, who ended up being the only one of the quartet who did not appear in a Nightmare On Elm Street movie. The series was an offshoot of Growing Pains and was cut after only a few seasons.

5. The end of her character on All My Children will forever remain a mystery.

That character, Liza Colby, has quite an active role during her more than 2 year stint with the soap opera. She actually disappeared from the set, not because of anything that happened to her or her character, but because the show was cut in 2011. The last episode had Liza present at a party when a shot rang out.

Most fans of Jamie know she is a serious workout and hiking advocate, and even at 47 she keeps herself in great shape. To our knowledge she has never been married and seems quite happy with her current lifestyle. Depending on how this accusation plays out, that lifestyle may be subject to change in the future.

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