Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jeffrey DeMunn

Jeffrey DeMunn is that guy you see appear in TV shows and films quite often and can recognize but probably never remember his name. It’s when he takes on larger roles that you might decide to look him up since you could figure that you’ve seen him so often that it’s worth learning who he is. What you might discover is that DeMunn is in fact one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood since he’s done so much in his career and yet has not been lauded as one of the greatest actors of his time. It’s probably because he isn’t flashy or the lead in many films or shows, but he’s absolutely awesome when it comes to just being the characters he plays.

He’s there for support and quite honestly there aren’t a lot that make it work the way he does.

5. He’s played in a couple of Stephen King movies.

A couple meaning The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, and the TV miniseries The Storm of the Century. He’s been a big help to such movies as he either plays the kind older gentleman that is there to help and do his job, or is just there for support, or is the hardcase that people just don’t like. As a good guy or a heel he’s pretty well versed in how to support the rest of the cast as needed.

4. He studied acting in London.

He made his way to England where he studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theater school. After finishing he then made his way back to America where he joined up with the National Shakespeare Company. DeMunn has starred in a great number of plays as well which continues to add to his resume and make him one of the valuable people in Hollywood. Go on and check his resume to see how busy he’s been.

3. He was in The Walking Dead.

Fans of The Walking Dead ought to recognize Jeffrey since he played the popular character Dale Horvath, who suffered a horrendous death before the group had to run from Herschel’s farm. A walker literally ripped him open before the others could get to him. People were genuinely upset about Dale’s death since it was one of those that they felt shouldn’t have happened the way that it did.

2. He’s a favorite actor of director Frank Darabont.

A lot of directors have their favorite actors that they like to work with and Darabont, who was in on The Walking Dead for a short while, has come to like DeMunn quite a bit. He’s cast Jeffrey into just about every one of his films, proving that he will likely keep him as first on his list of people to call for any new projects.

1. He has a very extensive resume. 

If you read over every item that DeMunn has in his resume for TV, film, and stage, it might take you at least a couple of minutes since there is a lot there to look at. He’s never been the idle type obviously and has created a legacy that not a lot of people might know about, but is still very impressive.

He’s one of those guys you love to see pop up in a show or movie since he’s a familiar face and can actually act.

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