Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lashana Lynch

It may seem like a random star is rising right before our eyes, but the truth is Lashana Lynch has been working her way up for a little bit now. The 30-year old actress may seem like an unknown now, but she’s got a few credits under her name in the few years that she’s been active on TV. If you’re still not convinced, just believe us when we say that by this point next year, no one will ever say that they don’t know her name. Here are five things you need to know about Lashana Lynch before she hits the big time.

Captain Marvel

It’s been confirmed that Lynch has replaced DeWanda Wise in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Although the role hasn’t been officially declared, we’re pretty sure she’ll be playing Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers’ friend and the original Captain Marvel herself. A recent photo has been released of Lynch and Brie Larson, who’ll be playing Captain Marvel, dressed in similar outfits at a set, which means that shooting is probably going well.

Still Star-Crossed

Remember that short-lived Shonda Rimes produced Romeo and Juliet sequel? We didn’t think so. The period drama actually starred Lynch as the lead, Rosaline, whose character is based on Shakespeare’s Juliet. Although the show didn’t last too long, we got a good glimpse of her talents then. We can’t wait to see her in a more action-adventure type of role because we’re pretty sure that she’s going to kill it.

Classically trained

Lynch was born in London, and she also trained in one of the most prestigious performing arts schools there. The Sylvia Young Theatre School produced some pretty famous names in the music and film industry including Amy Winehouse, Daniel Kaluuya, Dua Lipa, and Rita Ora. Lynch is right up there along with her peers, with proof from her being the recipient of the Laurence Olivier bursary. The London Society of Theatre only awards this scholarship the most gifted drama students. No doubt that Lynch has the skills to back up her game.


Of course when you’re as talented as Lynch, you can do more than just act. Lynch happens to also be a singer-songwriter, and she actually wanted to be a singer first. Lynch only got into acting to give her singing and her writing some plausibility. She was studying singing at Sylvia Young when a teacher suggested for her to take up acting as well, stating that acting and singing go hand in hand. All of that led to drama school eventually, and the rest is history.


Let’s squeeze one more talent here for Lynch just because she’s awesome. This one is not just a hobby for Lynch; she’s actually a true playwright. Lynch wrote “Cross Words,” a play about a young poet falling in love. Lynch said that this particular piece of work deals with shattering stereotypes. “Cross Words” was produced in London.

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