Five Things You Didn’t Know about Safaree Samuels

This month, an unknown (apparent) admirer of Samuels took the time to leak some nude photos of the American rapper online, and it ended up with some very unexpected results. First there are the offers — of marriage proposals and to star in a porn film which is rumored that he is seriously considering. On the other side of the show he has gotten an entirely new set of haters and trolls, who have entertained that he may have released the pics himself since at 36 he has yet to do anything remarkable as a rapper. As for what Samuels himself has to say about the issue, he is going to see if there is a way he can make money from this soon-to-be-forgotten event.

Most anything that is on this list of 5 things will be new to you.

1. He once dated Nicki Minaj

Officially, he and Minaj were “partners” from 2000 to 2014. There were rumors about what would happen between the two romantically, but apparently it was more work than play. In fact, it was Minaj who chimed in on the news of Samuels pics, saying he is in the position where he, “will do anything for publicity these days.” Given Nicki’s success, it’s hard to imagine that is sour grapes from days gone by. Current pursuers of Samuels should take note.

2. Samuels’ relationship with Minaj on the professional end did do some good

He is credited with co-writing the single “Did It On’em” on Minaj’s debut studio album, Pink Friday released in 2010. Give the man his due here, as the album stayed on the Billboard Top 200 for 73 consecutive weeks and was nominated for Best Rap Album in 2012. How much more he contributed to the success of the album can be debated, but the two were still working things out at the time.

3. The Pinkprint has definite personal influences from Samuels

Three of the songs on this Minaj hit album are said to be about the rapper’s relationship, especially the end. Neither have made much of a public statement about the songs or the lyrics, but after 14 years it makes no sense to pretend there isn’t a Taylor Swift mentality about the situation from Minaj. Perhaps the only reason anything Samuels does of note is worth mentioning is because of his relationship with Minaj.

4. Samuels was honored with a Blue & Bougie Impact Award

The Blue & Bougie Impact Award is given annually to Caribbean performers who bring credit to the island’s culture through their performance and hard work. This year, Bounty Killer was given a Lifetime Achievement award from the same organization. Samuels has been recognized for his “Paradise” album which made to the top spot on the Billboard reggae charts just last week.

5. He won the HelloBeautiful’s Sexiest Man of 2017 award

Given the most recent news, this shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. But be honest, can you name last year’s winner that Samuels beat out in 2017? Didn’t think so. It was Kofi Siriboe.

If you think this has been too one-sided of an article, it just shows that a single event can turn around anyone’s career. Sometimes you don’t even have to have talent to be successful.

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