10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fredro Starr

If you grew up during the 90s, Fredro Starr’s face is probably etched into your memory. He appeared in films like Sunset Park, Clockers, and Save the Last Dance. However, he is probably best-known for his role as Q in the popular TV series, Moesha. While the mainstream world knows him best for his work as an actor, he is also a talented rapper. Fredro is part of the successful rap group, Onyx, which is popular for its hardcore sound. Fredro has also put out several solo albums over the years with his most recent project, Firestarr 2, being released in 2018. At this point, Fredro is undeniably a legend in more ways than one. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Fredro Starr.

1. He’s A Children’s Book Author

Music isn’t the only thing that Fredro Starr writes. He is also the author of a children’s book called Lil Freddy: The Red Sock which was released in 2011. The book follows the main character, Lil Freddy, who is based on Fredro, as he explores his surroundings and learns new things.

2. He Was 30 In Save The Last Dance

Hollywood is an interesting place, and it has a reputation for hiring adult actors to play the roles of much younger characters. In 2001, Fredro played the role of Malakai in the film, Save the Last Dance. Although he played a teenager in the movie, he was actually 30-years-old at the time. He was also in his mid to late 20s while playing a teenager on Moesha.

3. His Wife Is A Model

Fredro Starr has been focusing on his career for the last 20 years, but that’s not the only thing that has had his attention. Fredro is also a proud family man. He has been married to Croatian model, Korina Longin Starr, since 2007. The couple has two sons together.

4. He Wrote A Script

Although Onyx didn’t gain a lot of mainstream success, the group is well respected among hip-hop aficionados. The group’s legacy dates back to the late 80s, and they’ve managed to achieve longevity in an industry where it’s really hard to come by. Starr wrote a book about the group called Slamboyz, although it was never released. The book was eventually turned into a script that will hopefully be picked up as a biopic.

5. He Was In A Video Game

Fredro has done a lot of cool things over the years, including being part of a video game. He portrayed himself in the 1995 video game, Rap Jam: Volume One. The game, which was released on Super Nintendo, was a playground style basketball game that featured other rappers including Coolio, LL Cool J, and Queen Latifah.

6. He Was A Breakdancer

During the 80s, hip-hop culture was just developing. Lots of young people not only loved the music, but everything that came along with it. Before Fredro started rapping, he was actually a breakdancer who performed under the name Magic after seeing the 1984 film, Beat Street.

7. He Made A Song About The Coronavirus

COVID-19 has changed the world in ways that are almost hard to believe. Most people couldn’t have imagined months of staying in the house, but it’s become all of our reality. Fredro decided to use this time to flex his creative muscles. In March, he released a song called “F**k Corona” as a way to express his frustration with the virus.

8. He Was Discovered By Jam Master Jay

Sometimes, just having one person who believes in you can be enough to change your life. For Fredro Starr, that person was none other than Run DMX member, Jam Master Jay. Fredro was discovered by Jam Master Jay, and Jay played a major role in the development of Onyx. During an interview, Fredro said, “Jam Master Jay was the coolest. He believed in me from the first time I met him.”

9. He’s Very Active On Social Media

Even after being in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, Fredro Starr continues to find ways to stay relevant. Fredro has built a strong social media presence and he currently has 112,000 followers on Instagram. He shares content on a regular basis.

10. He Used To Be A Barber

Before Fredro got involved in hip-hop, he was working as a barber in Queens. Fredro developed a reputation for being a talented barber. He became especially well-known for his ability to cut designs. The barbershop where he worked was frequented by several people in the music industry including Jam Master Jay who discovered Fredro while he was working at the shop.

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