The Gary Oldman “Everyone” Clip and Other Great Yelling in Movies

What is it about yelling in movies that gets us so jazzed up? Gary Oldman might be able to figure out, as I’m sure a lot of other people do. It awakens something in us, a primal urge that might lie dormant until the right sound is made, the right pitch is reached, and the right emotion is tapped. That yelling might frighten some people that aren’t ready for it, but for others it wakes us up and gets us ready in that split second when we hear it to the final breath when it’s over. It’s hard to explain other than that but maybe it means some of us are wound a bit too tightly and have a hair trigger just ready to unleash when it’s deemed necessary.

It could also mean that we’re overly hyper.

5. Matchstick Men

Playing a guy that’s got multiple issues has to be a little tough since you’d have to basically fake every single tic and problem the guy has. But Nic Cage does it extremely well when he goes busting into a pharmacy looking like he’s about to self-destruct at any moment if he doesn’t get his pills. The explosion he levies at the guy that tells him to get in line is something you might expect to see from someone that’s a nervous wreck and could go off on anyone at any moment. That’s why it’s perfect.

4. Silent Hill

This woman has been through so much in this movie that it’s pretty understandable why she would simply explode at this moment. The redhead standing in front of her is a hatemongering leader whose congregation has been making the woman’s life miserable, and is now threatening to roast her daughter alive as a heretic. Little do they know however that she brought a bit of the darkness they fear so much into the church with her.

3. Jerry Maguire

This is simply classic since everyone knows it and everyone’s said it at least once or twice in the past. The iconic line and the scene to which it belongs are hallmarks of this movie and have become kind of a standard saying in the movie industry. The delivery is perfect too since Cruise is playing an agent that is strung out and about to be ousted from a job that he helped to build and maintain, which seems cruel but hey, it’s business.

2. Police Academy

So obviously these are from different Police Academy movies but you can’t get better than Bobcat Goldthwait when it came to this franchise. Well, maybe with Michael Winslow, but as far as the yelling went Bobcat was the start and stop point. His customary growling and yowling has been seen on other shows but it was never as great as it was here. In these movies he was made into an instant classic.

1. The Replacements 

This would be every coach’s dream in the NFL, to have a player they could get riled up enough to go and actually do exactly what they need just because he’s that tough. Danny is a little psychotic too but so long as he doesn’t hurt anyone the game went alright.

Ah yes, yelling gets the blood flowing one way or another.

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