10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gemma Atkinson

It takes a lot of drive and determination to stay in shape these days but some folks like Gemma Atkinson find it easy enough to push themselves to reach new heights and to maintain the level of fitness they currently enjoy. Being in shape is great since it not only makes you look better, but it can make you feel better as well since your body is usually able to run much more efficiently when given the proper nutrition, rest, and attention when it comes to exercise. A person doesn’t have to kill themselves every day in order to feel the best they can, but at least an hour or so of physical activity, strenuous physical activity, can do a world of wonders for many people as it can help to maintain weight, give people a much needed boost of self-esteem, and obviously help create an added boost of energy.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Gemma.

10. She has a massive following on social media.

It’s not too surprising that someone that’s into fitness at this level would have a huge following since many people want to know just how she maintains her figure and what kind of tips and tricks she’ll share when it comes to diet and exercise. A good many individuals on the internet tune in to people such as Gemma in order to find out just what else they can do to lose weight and get in shape.

9. She visits the gym daily.

This is a big one that a lot of people have admitted they just can’t do all the time for various reasons. Buying a home gym isn’t always feasible either since they tend to be expensive and take up a lot of room. But there are many upon many gyms out there that charge reasonable rates and are very well-equipped.

8. She’s modeled for several magazines.

She definitely has the figure and the look to be a model but she did this for a while and then stepped away from it to become an actress. The life of a model seems glamorous and quite filled with things to do, but it does tend to take someone that can handle the crazy schedules and possibility that once their youth is gone they might be replaced.

7. She was considered for the role of Supergirl.

She was one of the prime candidates until Melissa Benoist came along. It seems like she might have been a good fit considering her level of fitness but someone obviously thought that Benoist was the one that deserved the role.

6. She’s a taller woman.

She stands about 5’9″ so she’s not a giant, but she is taller than what the average is said to be so it does seem as though she’s a lot bigger than a lot of women. It almost seems as though the average might need to be changed.

5. She started out in a soap opera.

There are a lot of celebrities that started out on soap operas when it came to their acting careers and some of them never left. If one can find their way into a soap opera it seems like the kind of job that might be ongoing for a while.

4. She’s been on reality TV.

This might actually lower her in the eyes of many but one has to remember that not all reality TV is utter trash. Some shows do actually try to keep a decent story line going and won’t succumb to the need to spice up the ratings with a bunch of cheap gimmicks.

3. She’s done a lot of charity work.

Gemma manages to work her fitness into several charities as she goes on runs and raises money for various charities that she supports. Many celebrities do this in many different ways but running is one of those that seems to promote good health as well as the need to help others when it comes to showing them how to lead healthier and more active lives.

2. She’s lent her voice to a couple of video games.

A lot of people that have come into the industry seem to have done this in the past decade or so since there are a lot of games that can be seen to incorporate well-known actors and other celebs in order to make the gaming experience just a little more special.

1. She’s in her 30s.

She still has a good amount of time to keep her career moving upward since in one’s 30s there’s still the expectation of having enough time to start something and possibly have several good years that will see a career elevate more than once. She’s got time.

So far it seems as though a person might have to look Gemma up when it comes to her acting, but there’s always the chance that she’ll continue to rise and become even more popular than she’s been in the last several years.

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