General Hospital Couples We Think Will Get Back Together in 2019

General Hospital fans watch couples break up, make up, get back together, hurt one another, and then do it all over again more than once around here. Port Charles is the kind of place where love seems to have an expiration date, and people get rid of it only to pick it up again in the future. There are plenty of people around here who have been together more than once, and then they ended things. Many of them try again and they make it work, and many of them don’t. But we are looking at the couples we think might just end up back together again in the new year. This year is almost over, and 2019 is right around the corner. We think we might get to see some couples reunite. Do you agree with who we think will end up back together?

Jason and Sam

Frankly, we are just a little bit shocked that they haven’t gotten there yet, but they do seem to need a bit more time. They can make it work if they really want to. But then again, we don’t care if they really want to. We really want them to. We want to see them in the same loving marriage they were in so many years ago. Their story is kind of unique, and they didn’t have much of a closing statement with one another in any manner. They are the kind of couple we love so much, and they are the people we want to see back together more than any other couple in any other show. They are the kind of couple who is in it for the long run. They are good together. They are simple together. They have so much love for one another, and they are the best television couple we know on the soaps. This means we want to see them back together if nothing else good happens next year at all. This is what we want. This is what we are asking for.

Alexis and Julian

They have some serious love for one another that they have had for decades. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, too. They are the kind of couple that makes us want to see them together even when we don’t want to see them together. They don’t have much to offer one another these days, but they do have all that love and chemistry. He’s never gotten over her. She’s never gotten over him. They have a child together. They have a history and so much love and so much to offer and so much going on, but he is so bad for her. But, on the other side, she is so good for him. They have what it takes to do what they need to do, but we don’t know where to even start with them. They will not make their daughter very happy if they end up back together, but does that really matter in the long run? Do they care?

Elizabeth and Drew

Okay, so we have to point this out and make this a thing. There is a small-ish elephant in the room right now, and it has to do with the fact that we just took an engaged woman and turned her into a woman who will end up with a new man in the new year, but we do think it’s possible. We think it’s entirely possible that she will end things with Franco because it’s not working for them. They don’t have what it takes. Their wedding is off and on and never going to happen. He is too focused on the past. And she is too focused on how much she wants him to change. There is nothing there for them, and we simply do not think that they have what it takes to make this work and to spend their lives together. But, we do think that Drew might just make a good match for her, and we like it a lot. He’s a man we all like. She’s a woman we all like. We’d like to see them like one another and make this work. We think it’s possible, too.

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