10 Things You Never Knew About Glenn Quinn

Do you remember the actor who played the role Mark Healy in the 1990s television series “Rosanne?” He was he boyfriend of Roseanne’s oldest daughter Becky. There are many people who barely remember the actor and have wondered whatever became of him. He was an excellent actor who didn’t have enough time in the business to realize his full potential. For those of you who are wondering, here are 10 things you didn’t know or remember about Glenn Quinn.

1. He was Irish

Glenn Quinn sounded like an American boy when he starred in the role of Mark Healey in “Roseanne.” He had the American accent down very well and he was quite convincing in the role. He was actually born in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland on the 28th of May in 1970.

2. Before he became famous

Prior to gaining fame as an actor, Glenn Quinn was busy with another career pursuit. He aspired to be a musician. He was the drummer for the musical band Winter’s Reign. He didn’t achieve the status that he had hoped, nor did the band, so he turned to a different career in the film and television industry.

3. He guest-starred in “Angel”

Glenn Quinn made several guest appearances in the series “Angel” with David Boreanaz in 1999. He had a recurring role for ten episodes of the series in the role of Doyle, a half-demon. “Angel” was a spin-off of the popular television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and it was during this time that Glenn’s status as a serious actor began to elevate and he amassed a large fan following.

4. He starred in commercials

Glenn Quinn also starred in his share of commercials. He endorsed a few different products including Ray Ban sunglasses and the popular soft drink beverage Pepsi. It was exposure and it helped him to keep his foot in the door as an actor.

5. He appeared in a music video

Most people don’t remember this, but Glenn Quinn actually appeared in a music video. It was for Richard Marx‘ song “Satisfied.” This was as close as the young actor had come to realizing his dream of becoming a famous musician, but he did well enough in his acting.

6. He appeared in 6 film roles and in several more television roles

Glenn Quinn actually had an impressive portfolio of roles in film and television under his belt. His acting career ran from 1990 through 2002. You may remember him in “Campfire Tales” as he appeared in multiple segments. He also had roles in “Shout Alan,” RSVP Prof. Hal Evans” along with recurring roles in “Roseanne,” “The Jackie Thomas Show,” “Fair City Joshua St. John” “Angel” and several other guest appearances.

7. He was a voice actor on several video games

Glenn Quinn also lent his voice for three different video game titles. he was the voice of Dick Farmer on the 1997 “Outlaws”, a voice in “Star Wars: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and a voice in “The Curse of Monkey Island” Pirate #5.

8. His father was a musician

Glenn Quinn’s father’s name was Murty Quinn. He was a singer and musician who toured with the Miami Showband. He and his group achieved 7 hits that made it to number one in the 60s and 70s era. The family moved to the United States and immigrated in 1988. Glenn had two sisters and one brother named Ciaran but he had never met him and he had never learned that he even existed because he had been put up for adoption.

9. Glenn Quinn perfected his American accent

If viewers had not known that Glenn was born in Ireland, they never would have guessed it from listening to him recite his lines. He had perfected his accent and did an excellent job of delivering his lines. He sounded like any other American teen in his role as Mark Healy.

10. Glenn died at the age of 32

Glenn had been struggling with a drug addiction since 1987. When his parents divorced, it caused him much pain and suffering. Although Glenn had made some good investments previously with his earnings, he was unable to stay sober. This led to periods in his life when he was homeless and after being bought out as a partial owner of an LA nightclub, he was frequently flat broke and begging customers for money. He also caused his share of fights in the establishment. His body was discovered on December 3 of 2002, at the home of a North Hollywood friend. An autopsy revealed that he had died of a heroin overdose.

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