10 Things You Didn’t Know about Harper Hempel

Maybe you don’t know her name if you’re not a fan of the Denver Nuggets or the University of Kentucky Wildcats, but you’re about to know Harper Hempel a lot more than you ever realized. She’s an athlete at the University of Kentucky, where she met her famous boyfriend. She’s done a good job of keeping her life relatively private (account currently suspended) considering she was a college athlete dating an NBA star, but her life was just thrown into some serious turmoil when a sex tape was released into the world. Her life will never be the same, her name is now a household one, and we want to know more about this young woman who seems to have such a bright future ahead of her.

1. She’s the Longtime Girlfriend of Jamal Murray

She was in college at the University of Kentucky when she met Jamal Murray. He was there his freshman year playing basketball, and she was also there playing sports and working on her degree. They began dating when he was there, and then he was drafted into the NBA. He moved thousands of miles away to play in Denver, but she stayed in Kentucky to finish her own college career, and to continue to play sports.

2. She’s a College Volleyball Player

One thing she is really good at doing is playing volleyball. She was part of her college team, which made her famous not only in her own hometown but also in her college town. She played for at least three years when she was there until she graduated following her senior year.

3. She’s a Photographer

Now that she is a graduate who is looking to do things with her future, she’s begun working for herself. She’s a photographer who has her own company in the Kentucky area. She also services parts of Ohio, too. She also works as a social media consultant on the side. She’s got various sources of income coming in to keep her going, and she’s looking to create a lot more.

4. Her Privacy Was Heavily Violated

In recent days, someone hacked her boyfriend’s personal files and his Instagram account. They managed to find a sex tape that shows off Jamal and Harper engaging in their most intimate moments, and they posted the video to his Instagram stories. He’s upset and hurt this happened, and she’s just as upset and just as hurt that someone would do something so awful to them. This is a gross violation in so many ways, and the couple would like anyone who has a copy of the video from the stories to delete it and stop the sharing and spread of this video. If you have it, get rid of it. Do this very young couple a favor and show some class and respect by deleting it and not watching it if you come across it. It’s just the kind thing to do.

5. She’s Not a Stranger to the Basketball Community

Her own father is part of the basketball world. He’s an entrepreneur who started his own business called eCoach, and he spends his time working with NBA coaches to help people learn the game. It’s a complex concept that is made simple by her father, so she’s someone who grew up with the NBA as a mainstream focus in her life. It probably makes sense that she would fall for someone who plays the sport her father is so heavily invested in.

6. She Took a Break from Social Media

Following her newfound and very unwanted fame, the young athlete has decided to delete her Instagram account which has tens of thousands of followers. We don’t know why she decided to delete it, but we can speculate she didn’t want the attention she was getting from those who were not in a good place. She’s going to face this for a long time, and it cannot be good for her to have this in her life right now. However, it’s been only a few days and her social media account is back up and running, so she must be facing what’s coming and quickly learning to put it behind her.

7. She’s A Marketing and Digital Media Major

While her boyfriend did not stay in college to pursue his career — not that this ended up being a bad choice for him — she did. She graduated from the Gatton School of Business with her degree in Marketing and Digital Media. She’s a Wildcat all the way, and she is proud of her education and her college career. She made the most of it, and we have to assume she did it well.

8. She Keeps her Relationship Very Private

We love that about her, and about her boyfriend, too. Both of them keep their situation as quiet as they can. They both have social media accounts, yet neither of them shares their personal photos of one another with the world. Her account is filled with photos of herself and her friends, and his is filled with photos of himself and his basketball. We scrolled for some time, but we did not find any photos of the two together.

9. She’s Got a Killer Shoe Collection

If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll see that she has a killer collection of kicks. Almost the first thing we noticed in her photos are her fab shoes, and we cannot get enough. Also, can you tell shoes are a big priority around here?

10. She’s a Traveler

Whether it is for work or for play, her social media accounts show us she’s all over all the time. She’s got photos of herself in Miami, Bal Harbor, Denver, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, and Paris just to name a few just in the past few months. She’s clearly someone who likes to see the world, who likes to see where it takes her, and who likes to be with the people she loves the most. She’s well-traveled, she’s living her best life, and she’s pretty happy about it from what we can tell.

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