10 Things You Didn’t Know about Harry Styles

If you’re not up on who’s who in show business then you’re either the type that doesn’t really care or doesn’t keep up with anyone except those that you care about. Harry Styles though is a guy that’s been making a name for himself for a little less than a decade and has gone through at least a couple of transitions since really digging his heels into the music world and moving on from there. So far he’s been well-known to many fans and has done whatever it takes to make certain that his name endures as he’s gone from singer to actor to executive producer. He’s covering his bases as much as he can in order to keep a career going and so far he seems to be doing pretty well. Between his singing and acting careers he’s been able to establish himself as someone that is very down to earth and ready to keep his feet on the ground as he moves forward.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He started out in One Direction.

Boy bands haven’t been as big a thing in the recent past as they used to be when NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and so on and so forth were getting really popular, but a few groups have still hung in there over the years until it was time to finally part ways.

9. Harry got his start on the British version of The X Factor.

One Direction was actually signed by Simon Cowell. But if not for the thought to combine the young men into this group it’s safe to say that Harry wouldn’t have gone any further since he wasn’t about to advance on his own. It doesn’t seem like it was lack of talent.

8. He got to make his film debut in the Christopher Nolan flick, Dunkirk.

In fact aside from any film that’s been about One Direction this is really the only film he’s been thus far, but it was one that managed to be deemed something special no matter that some folks had to point out any and all historical inaccuracies. It was still well done and very well acted.

7. A lot of people figured he was the class clown of the group.

Harry does have his own sense of style and swagger and he’s not given over to being serious all the time, so the moniker might fit pretty well. He obviously knows when to get to work and when to play, but this type of designation is usually reserved for those that don’t always feel the need to be serious.

6. Harry has been an activist for a while now.

A lot of celebrities have been getting involved in causes over the years and he’s no different since he’s been giving what he can in terms of donations and his free time in order to help others and educate those that need it in order to make the world a better place.

5. He’s still a relative newcomer to show business but has enough experience and a solid career.

Harry has been on the scene for the last 8 years, meaning that he started in the business when he was 16. That’s long enough to grow up a bit and decide what he wants to do for himself and where he sees his career going.

4. His sound is mostly soft with an element of pop in there and some rock.

His style of music is something that a person has to actually be into since like so many others he does play to a certain crowd of people that like a lot of softer stuff and aren’t into anything harder, at least not when they’re interested in listening to his music.

3. Harry once became involved with a woman that was 14 years older than him.

The woman in question is in her 30s at this point and when they were dating it was seen as something scandalous but in truth there was nothing wrong it aside from what people wanted to say. Older women and younger men in relationships don’t seem to get as much attention as younger women that go with older men.

2. He dated Taylor Swift at one point.

You can’t really say he got around when it came to dating women, but he certainly seemed to find one that was more than a little eye-catching when he went out with Taylor Swift for a while in 2012. Obviously it ended after a while and only those closest to them would really know why.

1. For a while he went solo.

The group did split and a few of them tried start up solo careers, including Harry. He was attempting a solo career before he was ever put into the band though.

It would appear that he aspires to be more than just a singer, so it’ll be interesting to see what he winds up doing.

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