How Mysteries at the Museum Has Changed Since Season 1

Mysteries at the Museum continues to be a hit show on the Travel Channel. Since 2010, there have already been 21 seasons of Mysteries at the Museum with the 22nd season starting this year. Mysteries at the Museum follows host Don Wildman as he travels to find and investigate different artifacts with unusual and mysterious origins. The program has evolved to include investigations of a variety of mysteries throughout history. Mysteries of the Museum has spawned two spin offs, Monumental Mysteries and Greatest Mysteries. There have also been many specials.

Here’s how Mysteries at the Museum has changed since Season 1.

Don Wildman

Don Wildman has been Mysteries at the Museum’s host since it began in 2010. The charismatic and intriguing host who draws us into history’s mysteries and strange artifacts through time was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1961. He studied at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana and trained as an actor at The Drama Studio in London, United Kingdom. He has narrated and hosted several television series for the Travel Channel including Weird Travels, Off Limits and Cities of the Underworld. Most of the programs explore mysterious and paranormal themes. Mysteries at the Museum is produced by David Gerber and Optomen Productions.


Each episode of Mysteries at the Museum typically looks into three separate mysteries. Usually the show looks at a mysterious artifact that leads to an investigation into its mysterious origins, history and sometimes paranormal significance. Host Don Wildman travels to historical institutions and unexplored archives throughout the world sometimes unearthing relics or strange artifacts and investigates and sometimes reveals their secrets. The show includes reenactments of scenes involving the artifact’s history. Mysteries at the Museum is both a travel show and a history show taking its audience on mysterious and exciting journeys throughout time and throughout the world.

Early Episodes

When Mysteries at the Museum started in 2010 the seasons were spaced apart. However as the show grew in popularity, more seasons were added sometimes two or three in one year. Back in Season 1, Mysteries at the Museum explored artifacts and mysteries including the Mona Lisa, the San Francisco Earthquake, Bonnie and Clyde and Alcatraz. Season 2 explored the paranormal including the mysterious Annabel Doll. The Black Dahlia, the Lost City of Roanoke, the Greenbrier Hotel Bunker, and the Shoe Bomber terrorist and the Anthrax scare were explored. Mysteries at the Museum has investigated the deaths of presidents including Harding and Taylor. It’s looked at historical figures including Annie Oakley, Van Gogh and Amelia Earhart. The show has investigated the paranormal including the Amityville Haunting, the Connecticut Haunting and Real Ghostbusters. It’s looked at the historical including the Great Raid, the Hitler Diaries, the Great Train Robbery, and the Nazi Art Hoax.

Recent Episodes

Mysteries at the Museum continues to investigate the historical and the paranormal throughout history. The biggest differ from when the series began in 2010 to more recent seasons is that the seasons grew longer over time. The show has also packed 22 seasons into 8 years. Recent seasons have featured explorations of subjects including the strange origins of the Etch A Sketch, the Ground Zero Flag, Titanic Orphans, Jessie James, Jack the Ripper, the bug that changed history and Cheese Puffs.

Strangest Museums

Throughout its run, Mysteries at the Museums has visited some odd and creepy museums throughout the world. Some of the creepiest include The Jack the Ripper Museum in London, The Mothman Museum in West Virginia, Lizzie Boden Bed and Breakfast in Falls River, Massachusetts, and The Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts. The show has also taken us to the Museum of Vampires in Paris, the Museum of Mummies in Mexico, the International Cryptology Museum in Maine, and The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. Some of the creepiest museums the show has visited are the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia which exhibits medical instruments and anatomical specimen, the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, New York, and The Museum of Death in Hollywood, California.


Mysteries at the Museum has aired many special episodes. These special episodes delve into one mystery instead of cramming three mysteries into one hour. Specials include the Mysteries of King Tut, the Pioneers, Cold War Secrets, the Battle of Big Horn and the Manhattan Project. Specials have also looked at the Secrets of cities including Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC. They’ve looked closely at the pioneers, the weirdest weapons and the most scandalous, unexplained, notorious and deadliest people throughout time. Mysteries at the Museum has aired special episodes particularly around the holidays including Halloween.

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