How to Beat Vicar Amelia in BloodBorne

The gaming community is a diverse place. Often ‘gamers’ get lumped together into one amorphous category. However, the reality is they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are gamers who play to relax. These guys don’t want complex puzzles or bosses that make you want to throw your console through a window. These guys probably aren’t playing BloodBorne, for example; a recent PS4 release that’s earned a reputation for being laughably hard. Nope, the BloodBorne crowd are a different beast altogether – masochists, in short. Gamers who boldly face bosses like Vicar Amelia, Lady Maria and DarkBeast Paarl for the eighth time with gritted teeth and sweaty palms. It’s lucky then that we’re here to help. We’ve got all the secrets you need to make sure the eighth time is a charm. Keep reading for tips on beating BloodBorne’s fourth boss, Vicar Amelia.

Going Into Battle against Vicar Amelia

Vicar Amelia is the fourth of Bloodborne’s big boss battles. And she’s pretty terrifying. This she devil has a wolf’s head, towering antlers and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Her hair is a wild tangle of thorns that threatens to encircle and ensnare players. So the question is, how do you beat her? This fight is tricky, but it’s not as difficult as it first appears. To reach Vicar Amelia, you’ve likely already met and defeated worse foes. The trick to staying alive is to follow a few simple rules (and avoid those health decimating swings). In fact, you can make the level much easier by preparing in advance.

Don’t just rock up to Amelia’s lair empty handed. You’ll need full blood vials; that’s the important thing. Ammo isn’t a big deal, so don’t worry if you’re running low. Guns aren’t the best weapon against this boss anyway. If you can get hold of some explosives, take them with you but don’t rely on them too much.

Sussing the Right Strategy for a She Devil

As with most boss fights, the crucial objective is to avoid strikes. If you stay behind Amelia, you’ll find it easier to sidestep her knockout blows. The fastest way to victory is to max out your damage per second though it won’t be easy. She’s got a lot of health. Prepare to be in it for the long haul and don’t lose concentration. Use fire paper to light your weapons on fire and do more damage. Again, try to stick to the spaces behind her. Amelia does have a rear strike but it’s significantly less dangerous than those coming from the front. Also, keep an eye on your stamina bar. You will find yourself uncomfortably close to her claws at some point. And you’ll need a burst of stamina to get out of there before she annihilates you.

You can try a plethora of fancy moves and combo strikes. Go ahead, knock yourself out. The best way to beat this boss, however, is with patience. Stay alive long to batter down that absurdly long health bar. Use weapons and strike styles that aren’t going to drain your stamina, such as the light attack version of BloodBorne’s trick weapons.

How to Finish Off Vicar Amelia with Style

It sounds counterproductive but try to stay really close to Vicar Amelia. It’ll help you avoid her deadly shock wave attacks. Plus, you’ll be in the perfect position – after she’s attempted to shock attack – to deliver some punishing blows. When Amelia freezes and tries to heal, give her everything you’ve got. It should be noted that this boss slows down (and pauses her attacks) only after you’ve depleted her health bar to 50%.

What you can do, once you’ve reached this point, is use numbing mist powers to, literally, stop her in her tracks. Her healing process will be interrupted if you do this. If you can’t access numbing mists, just do as much damage as possible while she’s preoccupied. To reiterate, the best way to beat this boss is with patience. Rushing ahead, charging through attacks and depleting your own stamina is going to earn you a one way ticket to deadsville.

Be strategic with your blood vials; don’t use them up too quickly. Keep dodging. Stay close but steer clear of those claws and face on attacks. This boss fight can last around five minutes which is pretty mammoth for a video game these days. Didn’t we tell you BloodBorne is game for masochists?

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