Iranian Student Gets Busted By Cops Because He Looks Identical To Lionel Messi

Reza Parastesh is your average 25-year-old student with the exception of one glaring difference – he looks exactly like the best soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi.  It doesn’t get any more doppleganger than this.  In fact he looks so much like Messi that it’s gotten him in a bit of legal trouble.   According to Bored Panda

The Iranian student, native to the western city of Hamedan, first noticed his striking resemblance to the Argentinian footballer a few months ago, and began trimming his hair and beard accordingly. With his number 10 FC Barcelona jersey on, he’s a verifiable carbon copy, which is precisely the reason why people in his hometown lost their minds when they saw him driving around one day. Swarmed by people wanting to take photos with him, Parastesh had his car impounded by police, and was taken to the station for disturbing public order.

Luckily Parastesh was released but since that time he’s been offered interviews as well as modeling gigs.  You can bet that if Messi ever needed a double for anything this is the guy he’d call.   The likeness is uncanny.

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