Is the Show Expedition Unknown Fake?

Unless you simply refuse to watch television in any capacity, there’s a better-than-average chance that you’ve at least sat down for an episode or two of the show Expedition Unknown. It airs on the Travel Channel and it has long proven to be one of the channels more successful programs. It involves the host of the show traveling all over the globe in order to explore some of the more compelling stories that you’ve probably heard throughout your life.

For example, he wants travel in search of the Holy Grail and he’s traveled all over the globe looking for evidence of things like Bigfoot, vampires and werewolves. If it’s something that intrigues a person’s curiosity and hasn’t been considered to be proven by scientists, you can almost bet that he’s either gone and looked for it or that it’s on his list. The host is Josh Gates and you might remember him from a few other shows of a similar nature that he’s appeared on as either a guest host or that he’s been on in previous years.

The question is, is the show legitimate?  Here’s a Reddit Thread that says no way. This is something bad people have asked about the show in the past and it really only make sense to question it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem with the show itself, only that it’s important to question the things that you see and hear as opposed to taking everything with some type of blind faith so that you don’t question anything at all and taking everything at face value. Imagine what the world would be like if every person on Earth believed everything that they were being told. It’s scary enough that there’s already a rather large contingent of individuals that do this, so if you’re still one of the individuals that prefers to think for yourself, this question has probably crossed your mind at least once or twice. Therefore, it’s worth exploring.

It’s only natural that you would wonder about the legitimacy of this particular show because of the very nature of the things that it explores. It’s one thing to explore the location of the Holy Grail but it’s another thing entirely to go out looking for vampires and werewolves. That being said, the whole point of the show is for him to explore the globe looking for some hard evidence about things that people have historically debated. He does exactly that. As far as whether or not the things that are found on the show are legitimate, consider this fact. If you want more than one or two episodes, you’ll know that it’s extremely rare that he ever finds much conclusive, hard evidence that is capable of swaying opinions one way or the other. If the show were faked, it would likely be a lot more like some of the other shows out there that have so much evidence throwing you that you can scarcely even take it all in a single sitting.

If you’ve ever seen these other shows that are clearly faked, you know what the previous paragraph means. You know the type. You’re watching something where buy any reasonable accounts, there shouldn’t be a lot of evidence to support the theories that are being brought forward, largely by the very nature of the subject matter in general. Nevertheless, information is being thrown at you from every angle to try to prove that fact to you. That’s when red flags should start going off that somebody is fabricating a whole lot of this so-called evidence. That doesn’t really happen with this particular show. As a matter of fact, it approaches things from a much more factual basis than many of the other shows that are similar in nature. It does so with a good amount of humor, but as far as the subject matter itself goes, you might learn a little bit more about the subject, but it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to find conclusive evidence of something based on an overwhelming amount of information that seems just a little too good to be true.

Therefore, it would only be reasonable to conclude that at least the important parts of the show are not fake. There may be some embellishment for the purpose of getting a laugh or two, but that’s not what’s really important here. As far as the legitimacy of the show itself is concerned, it really approaches things more like is teaching a history lesson than anything else. That’s precisely what makes it more believable than a lot of the other shows of a similar nature that are currently airing.

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