10 Things You Didn’t Know about Isabel Lucas

There are pretty faces aplenty in Hollywood and saying that they’re all alike is something that some folks would say just to avoid having to pick one out from the crowd. Isabel Lucas is one of those pretty faces to be honest but she’s able to be picked out from a crowd largely because like everyone else she has her own set of skills and personality that she can fall back on while still getting the job done and showing people that she is talented enough for consideration. She’s a bit quiet sometimes and not quite as forcible in her manner but that does set her apart from other people still since it makes her a wild card that you don’t know that much about and could possibly be surprised by. Just thinking that she’s different than the rest is enough to invite arguments from either side of the line since as it is with anyone else it’s a yes sometimes and it’s a no when it comes to other matters. She’s unique in her own way.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s a very shy person.

She does come off as a very quiet person even on film since she’s not the kind of woman that goes out there and raises her voice all that often. Some women do this because their character demands it and others do it to be a little more noticeable. Isabel however remains who she is on camera and off.

9. Shes a big animal lover.

People that love animals often have a lot more compassion and are a very understanding bunch since let’s face facts and say that animals require a lot of care and a whole lot of patience. Isabel has more than a few animals that she cares for and all of them are important to her.

8. She was in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

You could say this was where the wheels started to come off in a way since the first Transformers was a treat and was something that was visually stunning to the audience. The second one was something that a lot of people knew nothing about since the stories of the Fallen were not something that the average movie fan would have researched before going to see the movie, and the number of Transformers was still pretty limited since the cost of creating as many as there were was enormous.

7. She was involved in a car crash in 2008.

This is pretty ironic considering that they were both riding in a car during the time the movie was shooting. But of course the car they were riding in at the time of the film was under control the whole time and there was no danger. This time however Shia LaBeouf, who was driving, sustained a serious injury to his hand, but Isabel was relatively unharmed.

6. She’s great at horseback riding.

She’s been riding for years apparently and has gotten quite good at a few tricks. There’s definitely a bond needed between the horse and the rider in order to have enough trust that everything will go just fine on the course.

5. She’s very passionate about her acting.

The manner in which she looks at acting is quite interesting really. She doesn’t sweat auditions since to her they’re just another small moment in the world of acting. Even if she does or doesn’t get the part she doesn’t let it faze her.

4. She doesn’t like to dwell on rejection.

This is a great way to look at life honestly since worrying over rejection is an easy way to prevent oneself from seeing another way towards success. If we all were to dwell on rejection more than anything else then no one would ever move forward in life.

3. She was in Immortals.

Despite not being given a lot of consideration by many people this was still an interesting film and an interesting take on Greek mythology. She played Athena, daughter to Zeus and one very deadly warrior when the fighting started. But of course she and her fellow gods felt the need to circumvent her father’s authority from time to time.

2. She was in the remake of Red Dawn.

A lot of people cried foul when this remake was made since Red Dawn has been deemed one of the many movies that absolutely did not need a remake. But that doesn’t stop filmmakers from trying after all, and to be honest the film wasn’t a total flop.

1. She has an outstanding warrant in Japan.

When she and a couple of her fellow celebrities tried to disrupt the fishing in Japan, in an attempt to save the dolphins, they were forced to make haste to the airport and leave the country so that they wouldn’t be arrested.

She might be quiet, but she speaks up when she feels the need.

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