10 Things You Didn’t Know About JonTron

JonTron is an American internet personality, interviewer and comedian. He’s best known for his hilarious reviews of television shows, movies, and video games. He’s built a loyal following who enjoy his perspectives on their favorite and least favorite entertainment choices. Most of us know that he’s a funny, yet informed guy, but here are 10 fun facts that you didn’t know about JonTron.

1. He’s 28 and his name isn’t really JonTron

JonTron was born on the 24th of March in 1990. His birth name is really Jonathan Aryan Jafari. He will be 29 years old next March. JonTron is just his internet pseudonym. The name has stuck with him and not that many people know his real name.

2. His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers

JonTron has achieved remarkable success with his comedic YouTube channel. As of November of 2018, he has a total of 4.6 million viewers who have subscribed to the channel. He also had 653 million views and even though he hadn’t posted a new video since December of 2017, people keep coming to the site to enjoy his humorous opinions and insights.

3. He’s the co-creator and co-host of two major series that went viral

Jafari and a partner created the popular Let’s Play web series titled Game Grumps. In addition to this, he helped create NormalBoots which is a video game entertainment website that gets plenty of views. He isn’t currently active in hosting the programs, although he did in their beginnings.

4. He kept his operating costs low

Here is a fun fact that most people don’t know about the JonTron episodes. Jafari shared that each episode only cost him about $49.95 to make. He’s good at tracking expenses. The revenues far exceed the overhead that it cost to make each episode.

5. JonTron was inspired by Paul Blart Mall Cop

Jafari shared that his favorite film of all time is Paul Blart Mall Cop Part IV: The Death of Paul Blart. The comedian shared that it was this movie that served as his inspiration to become a filmmaker. If you take the time to analyze his productions, you can see elements that he’s taken from the film along with the influences on his own brand of humor.

6. He has an interesting fetish

Jon loves to be covered in gravy. There are several instances of him posting on sauce-fetish forums. Some of the posts are explicit so make sure that you’re over the age of 18 before you check them out.

7. He’s the guy behind Pewiepie

Pewdiepie is another popular video game channel. Jon co-founded and co-hosted this channel in addition to several others. This was a channel that you couldn’t watch and keep a straight face. He’s no longer doing Pewdiepie as he’s off on other adventures at the moment.

8. Why he’s frequently mistaken for Timothy Brentwood

Jon is often confused for actor Timothy Brentwood. There were even rumor circulating around that he was Timothy Brentwood in disguise, but that information is inaccurate. They are two separate people, but he is connected with Brentwood, who poses for Jon as his stunt double in some of the more elaborate scenes in JonTron. There is a remarkable resemblance.

9. Jonathan Jafari has a rare disorder

Not all Jon’s fans are aware of the fact that he actually suffers from a rare disorder that impacts his life on a daily basis. It’s a lot like Tourette’s Syndrome. The “Ech!” sound that he makes is because of the disorder but instead of allowing it to be a negative thing in his life, he used it as a valuable tool for his internet persona and he turned it into a joke as a positive way of coping with the situation that he cannot change.

10. Imitators try, but they can’t keep up with JonTron

Jafari has set a precedent in online comedic entertainment with his reviewing style and other contributions to the entertainment world. There are a lot of online game reviewers who have tried to copy his style, but they all seem to fall short. He has a unique way of delivering some insightful views that have validity while making them hilarious at the same time and it’s a talent that is hard to imitate successfully. JonTron has received distinctive honors including Time Magazine’s seventh most searched Internet meme on Google for 2015 and fifth place on WatchMojo.com’s top 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers. He’s a tough act to follow.

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