Katee Sackhoff to Star in Sci-Fi Thriller “Origin Unknown”

Ever since the show Battlestar Galactica first aired, Katee Sackhoff had become somewhat of a legend.   While she’s been in plenty of shows and movies since her time on Galactica, she’ll always be remembered for that show as well as be entrenched in Geek culture for eternity.  She was immortalized in Howard’s dream bathtub sequence on “The Big Bang Theory” and had a nice little run on 24. She also had roles in Riddick, Oculus, Don’t Knock Twice, and the Netflix series Longmire.  Now Sackhoff is back to take on the lead role of Mackenzie “Mack” Wilson.  According to Geek Tyrant

The story for the film is set “after the first manned mission to Mars ends in a deadly crash.” Wilson is a mission controller who is summoned to assist an artificial intelligence system — A.R.T.I. During the investigation they uncover “a mysterious object under the surface of Mars, leading to a discovery that could change the future of our planet as we know it.”

I think anything Sci-Fi for Sackhoff is a huge win for both she and her fans.   Not to mention the fact that this is a leading role.  However, I most certainly wouldn’t complain if she did a few more Howard Wolowitz bathtub scenes on The Big Bang Theory.

We’ll get you more details on Origin Unknown as they become available.

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