Why Should Watch New Ken Burns Film “Country Music”

Ken Burns Country Music

Ken Burns has been a great film creator over the years and has produced some of the most-watched documentaries. His works are very informative as well as entertaining. Some of Ken’s most notable works include “The Dust Bowl, “The Civil War,” “Lewis $ Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery” and “The National Park: American’s Best Idea.” Ken has once again reached into his quiver and released another deadly arrow that will hit the bull’s eye. His new film, “Country Music” is expected to rock the big screen. If you are a true country music enthusiast, the new Ken Burns’ film should be a must-watch for you. It seeks to explore the roots of country music in a bid to inform as well entertain the viewers. According to Ken Burns’ website, the film will be produced by Ken Burns alongside the Emmy-award winning duo of Dayton Duncan and Julie Dunfey and will be aired on PBS just like their other works. The film will premiere on 15th September and consists of eight episodes encompassed in sixteen hours coverage. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch this fantastic film.

Historic Thrill

The “Country Music” film is all about the history of country music. It reaches into the deep and dark past to establish the journey of classic country music. While it does not disregard the modern-day contemporary country music, it sheds light into the journey of real country music. It also will guide even contemporary artists into understanding the root of their art. According to Rolling Stone the storyline stretches back to 1920s with a focus on the legendary Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers.

It further flows on to the music-writing and career biographies of renowned past musicians such Merle Haggard, Rosanne Cash, Bob Wills, Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash among others. The film is an ultimate spotlight on how the art of country music has evolved; from Appalachia’s struggle, faith, and heartbreak songs, to honky-tonks of California and the Grand Ole Opry of Nashville. It clearly shows how the art rose through the ranks of music to claim its place as a recognized music genre.

Furthermore, how World War II defined the genre will be highlighted in the film as well as the Hollywood B film’s role in the development of the music. Away from country music, the documentary will also take a particular focus on the development of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass music as well as the mutation of Rockabilly into Rock and Roll. The push and pull between the need to revolutionize the genre and to maintain its traditional aspect is also a cause for worry highlighted in the film as revealed on Ken Burns’ website.

Exclusive Interviews

The “Country Music” film is richly endowed with insightful interviews with prominent and legendary country musicians from way back in the past. According to Saving County Music, the documentary contains over 56 diverse interviews with country musicians and historians. Production of the film commenced back in 2013 hence was able to collect exclusive interviews with 40 artists. Some have walked the Country Music’s Hall of Fame, and some of the other great musicians have passed away since then. Five hundred country music songs are also featured in the film. Some of the country music’s big names to give interviews on the film include; Jack White, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, Rhiannon Giddens, and Dwight Yoakam. The stars offer insightful opinions on their genre of music, its past, development, and the future as well as appreciate other artist’s works.

It is a Source of Inspiration

Other than being a very informative source of the country music’s history, the film offers multiple instances from which the viewers can draw inspiration. The diverse interviews in the movie are a good source of inspiration as the artists share their stories and what inspired them to write their songs. The film, just like country music, shares overwhelming stories of happiness and sadness, and life and death. As such, the film is bound to impact positively on your life should you watch it.

Source of Critical Life Lessons

The “Country Music” film wields multiple life lessons that the viewers can apply in their daily lives. A close look at the evolution of the country music gives clear teaching of the need for change. In any instance, change is inevitable. Country music has had multiple changes and refinements to establish itself as a recognized American music genre. The film covers the 1920s to the 90s over which this genre of music developed and spread all over America.Consequently, people must make the best adjustments to adapt to situations and survive the test of time. Change in time calls for adaptation. The country music celebrities in Ken Burns County Music film have great lessons to teach us. From such, viewers can pick up what can be of positive impact on their lives.

In another aspect, modern generation contemporary country music artists can learn a lot from the film. They can finally understand where and how far their genre of music has come. Furthermore, they can ape their preceding and present experienced artists. Such role models could come in handy in guiding the careers of the upcoming county music artists.

Clear the Air on Contentious Stereotypes

Ken Burns “Country Music” film will also set the records straight and clear the air on existing stereotypes about country music. Some stereotypes, like the claims that the genre has outlived itself and will be ultimately replaced by the contemporary style, are misguided. By watching the firm, such stereotypes will melt away with the realization of how deep country music is and the fact that the contemporary genre is just the inevitable change and build upon the already existing foundation. A focus on the different country music’s idols will also offer diverse perspectives about them.

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