King of the Hill Characters Are Social Distancing in New Meme

If you were a King of the Hill fan you can just imagine the way that some of the characters in the show, particularly Hank, Boomhauer, Dale, and Bill would be reacting right about now. Hank would be pretty much the same, so would Boomhauer, but it’s easy to imagine that Dale would be talking about government conspiracies and blaming China for the current state of the world since after all it was China where the problem originated. Was that racist? Probably not, but there’s likely a few people out there that would think it might be despite the fact that CNN even decided to call it the Chinese Coronavirus according to Zachery Schmidt of The Tennessee Star. Whoops, it’s funny how things get out on the internet, isn’t it? In any case, Dale wouldn’t be the biggest issue since most of his rants were paranoia-based and weren’t always taken that seriously. Bill on the other hand would likely wonder just why he was on the far end of the group and why the others were so much further way from him than they were to each other. That’s just Bill, and we know it, the worrier and the most thin-skinned of the bunch. It’s almost enough to make a person want to petition for the show to come back….okay probably not since nothing would probably come of it, but it’s still a thought.

As Jeremy Dick of TVWeb reminds us in his article, the effects of the coronavirus are being felt far and wide when it comes to our society, and everyone has reacted in a different manner. Thankfully there are enough people with a sense of humor and a need to entertain that we’re getting these hilarious tweets now and again as various entertainers have decided to do what they can to put a smile on the faces of their fans in these trying times. King of the Hill was a pretty funny show up until it went off the air in 2010, and as a creation of the same mind that brought us Beavis and Butthead it was actually toned down quite a bit while still keeping enough of an edge and just enough public interest when thinking about fan reaction. It did manage to cover a lot of topics really when you think about it since within 13 seasons it became one of those animated series that took on some very serious societal matters with just enough comedy to make it worth the effort.

The show lasted for thirteen seasons, so it’s obvious that it was more than funny enough to tickle the funny bone of many an audience member since it took on various subjects from puberty to old age and loss, and everything in between. Hank’s world consisted of a wife that thought she was an authority on just about everything she did because she was a substitute teacher, which, no offense to teachers, is kind of hard to get too worked up about. His son was, well, for lack of a better term, not right. Hank’s neighbors were anything but normal since Dale’s wife was constantly stepping out on him without his knowledge, Bill was something of a leech that had a thing for Hank’s wife, and Boomhauer was….well, he was Boomhauer. He was probably the most normal of the bunch, but that’s not saying much since the way he spoke made perfect sense to him, as was evidenced during an episode when each man was made a reserve member of the local fire department, but had to tell their own story when the firehouse burned to the ground. The telling got stranger each time, but even stranger was when Boomhauer told the story and he was the only one talking normally while the others were muttering and mumbling as Boomhauer was seen to do throughout the series.

All in all this was one of the funniest series on TV at one time and to watch it be included in the social distancing that’s taking place now is pretty amusing since imagining what Arlen would be like during the coronavirus is kind of simple. Peggy would become the expert when it came down to what to do and what to expect while Dale would be on the computer most likely trying to pick up any dark web chatter about the virus. Bill would be the most likely to panic and start hoarding food and supplies, along with Dale, while Hank would have to be the voice of reason once again, and Boomhauer would still be Boomhauer since really it’s hard to see the character changing in any way. It’d be great to see this show come back eventually but seeing as how it’s likely never going to happen it’s always nice to see it being referenced from time to time.

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