All of Kristen Stewart’s Tattoos And Their Meanings

Kristin Stewart isn’t much of a tattoo buff but she is sporting her own ink that has its own meanings. Like so many others that have come to decorate their bodies with tattoos over the years she’s managed to find ways to express herself through the ink she places on her body and the placement of each one. Though it seems less meaningful than others there’s no doubt that each one has some deeper meaning to her even if she doesn’t divulge such things all the time. Sometimes a person’s tattoos are more personal and aren’t to be shared with everyone.

Hers are all pretty visible though.

5. Guernica Painting

The black rectangle on her arm with an eye in the black space is part of a Picasso painting that she saw when she was 18 years old. The painting left a definite impression on her, one that inspired Kristin to get the tattoo and live by the credo of ‘keep moving on and keep the light on’. It’s a pretty inspiration tattoo it sounds like, but if you see the entire painting you might have to ask her just what struck her so much about it.

4. Black Flag

On her right wrist she has four horizontal lines tattooed parallel to one another. This is to represent the band Black Flag, a group that Kristin likes and has followed for some time now. Despite the fact that she can be classy and very well-dressed she’s still into getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt to attend concerts when the mood strikes her.

3. Infinity Sign

This is where her stint with tattoos started when she visited a tattoo parlor in Nashville, Tennessee and allowed the artists to get a picture with her and post it. After that she got the symbol you see in the picture below tattooed on the wrist/hand area. The infinity symbol is pretty straightforward most times but it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

2. Arrows

Though there’s no real explanation given for the arrows on her arm the general idea is that arrows are a symbol of moving forward. Taken with the Guernica symbol on the other side of the same arm it’s kind of easy to assume that she’s all about moving forward and keeping one foot in front of the other.

1. One More Time

The entire tattoo scrawled on her inner left forearm reads ‘One more time with feeling’. That could mean a wide variety of things, but in this case it seems to mean that there will always be one more time and it always needs to be with some sort of emotion, something to say that the person wearing the tattoo is going to make certain that people understand why she’s pushing forward.

Even if all of her tattoos aren’t as straightforward and easy to figure out to others they mean something to her. That’s all that’s really needed when you decide to place a tattoo on your body. After all, even if everyone else can see it that doesn’t mean they need to understand it.

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