That Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby GIF is the Best One of “Those” Out There

You don’t have to have seen the movie The Great Gatsby nor read the book to know the GIF that’s playing up top.    It’s Leonardo DiCaprio looking like a super rich guy and giving a toast to all of us.  I just want to mention how I think this is the single best used GIF on the internet today.   It’s incredibly universal and works in nearly every single situation imaginable.   Can you think of other movie and TV show GIFs that have worked in the past?  Honestly I cannot because this one’s completely taken over.   But it’s just so good.

Will we ever see another one of its kind?  I really don’t know, nor do I care.  I’d just like to point out if there was one reason that The Great Gatsby was turned into a film, it’s because of this.  Speaking of which, have you guys seen the video of the stages of your experience of going to the DMV as told by Leonard DiCaprio characters?  It’s absolutely hilarious.

Here it is.

It’s nearly impossible not to laugh when watching this.


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