What is Website “Let Me Watch This” And Is it Even Legal?

Let’s go into what “Let Me Watch This” is to start with. It’s a streaming site that allow you to watch well over 21,000 movie titles ranging from before the 1950’s to modern day releases for free. Yes, that’s right, FREE. Now if you’re wondering just whether this is legal or not then you should probably go with the hunch that anything given for free has a rather heavy price attached to it all the same. Given that streaming and cable networks typically want to charge at least a moderate to exorbitant fee you can easily believe that free comes with a long list of possible problems. When it comes to being a consumer there is little that is truly free without consequence and almost nothing that is given without thought of something being taken in turn. Let Me Watch This is, at this time, and enticing offer for those that want to watch movies without paying the high prices, but it does come with a very big risk.

Make sure your PC or other device has protection.

It’s been seen that unless you have a firewall or top-notch antivirus software running that this site could lead to downloading harmful malware that could damage your device. These days there aren’t a lot of people that need to be warned more than once about viruses on their devices since it’s happened so often by now that even those that still have limited to no computer savvy will recognize what it means when their device has a virus. The problem with this site is that it doesn’t host the movies on its own, as this would create a severe issue with copyright infringement. Instead it makes use of the deep web to connect the movies to this site by linking to a lot of different websites. What this means is that every time you click on a link you run the risk of downloading something you might not want on your computer, or something that could severely damage it. The risk associated with using the site is able to be navigated if you know which sites are safe and which are bound to ruin your PC or other device.

For those that are not tech savvy or don’t understand which links will take them to the material they want this site might not be for you.

There are legal issues to consider.

Building off of the fact that this service is free is the problem that comes from accessing newer content and current releases. This is a big issue since this content is not meant to be free to start with and the act of piracy that might be levied against this site if lawmakers could find a way to make it stick could affect more than just the site itself. Accepting and downloading pirated material is a crime after all and can be held against those that engage in the act. Everyone loves free stuff, but the problem with movies is that each and every one of them are copyrighted, which means that they belong to someone else and are in fact the property of the company that produced them. Downloading something for free is in a sense reaching into someone else’s home and taking what you want, from a metaphorical view. While the site seems to get away with it at the moment there’s no real thought as to when it might come crumbling down, or if it will since it seems to be using so many different sites to continue its business.

However if the piracy issue does arise it’s very likely that this site could be exposed and forced to terminate its business. If that happens then many people might find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they decided to download content to which they had no right.

Sites such as this are often seen in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but in truth they are offering a service that, while not legal, is still highly desired simply because it is free. The biggest issue with this is that free doesn’t mean free from the consequences of downloading material you haven’t paid for. The temptation to download and watch movies that would otherwise cost a great amount is easy to see and very easy to follow, but the point is that the cost of the movies keeps people from facing the legal ramifications that come from downloading copyrighted content without express permission. By paying for it one at least owns that copy and can do with it what they’d like, within reason.

In the end it’s up to those that want to take the chance downloading copyrighted material for free, and possibly infecting their computer with harmful malware. Those that know what they’re doing should still consider the legal ramifications of this site.

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