10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lily Mo Sheen

Being the child of two very famous stars seems like it would be kind of taxing on a person as they tried to grow into their own career and life, but so far it would appear that Lily Mo Sheen has been doing alright with. This could have something to do with the fact that her parents have both been very supportive of her throughout her life and have done what it takes to make sure that their daughter is a well-nurtured and caring individual that knows the value of family. That being said Lily is someone that does happen to value her time around family members and isn’t shy about saying as much. Her life is no doubt a roller coaster at times since being related to famous names like Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale can’t always be easy or low-key, but at the very least it would appear that she’s made the best of it and done quite well in the process.

Here are a few things about Lily you might not have known.

10. She’s starred with her mother in a couple of movies.

In fact every movie she’s been in at this point in her life has been with her mother, whether she’s managed to interact with her or not. It might be a bit of comfort to know that her mother is on the same set but it could be kind of an irritating thing too depending on the day and how they’re feeling towards one another. Family members are sometimes the hardest people to work with after all.

9. Her social media presence is moderate to be honest.

This could be because she’s not much of a social butterfly or it could be for a number of reasons but her presence at this time is something that’s kind of muted compared to a lot of young stars that are constantly on the net and trying to get as many likes as possible. It’s not a bad thing to be honest.

8. At one point her mother wondered if she was on cocaine.

Samantha Ibrahim of OK Magazine wasn’t the only person to write about this since the act of Kate asking her daughter if she was on cocaine was snapped up by a wide number of publications that seemed to think it was newsworthy and basically reported the same thing over and over in so many different words. Any chance to catch wind of a scandal it seems.

7. Her parents never married.

They stayed together for a while and were and still are loving parents but like many things it had to end eventually and they parted ways. To this day however they still manage to show their daughter a great deal of affection and try to show her how to be a decent person.

6. She tends to keep a very low profile when it comes to her social life.

A lot of celebrities and even people of note are seeming to do this these days and while it’s frustrating since there’s not much to say on the subject it’s also quite justified since their personal lives are like anyone else’s, they’re meant to have some sense of peace they can call their own.

5. She did get into college and her parents’ reaction was one of immense pride.

Any parent is going to be excited when their child gets into college since no matter where you go to school it’s a great opportunity to do something great with your life if you really apply yourself. But Michael and Kate seemed to go around the bend with joy, which is very understandable.

4. It’s not really known what her net worth is at this time.

Considering that she hasn’t done that much in terms of performances her net worth might not be that much or it might be more than many people think. Her parents both have substantial net worths, but honestly it might be that she’ll choose to go in a different direction.

3. She just hit her 20s in 2019.

Lily has a lot of time left on her hands to decide what she wants to do with her life, so it’s nothing that needs to be rushed right now no matter how many people might say that it’s important to figure out what she wants and how she’s going to get it. Let her be a young person first, that’s important.

2. Lily was born in England but settled in Los Angeles.

It sounds odd but one has to wonder if the accent she was born with has changed at all since coming to the US or if it’s simply too strong to change as much as people think it might. Just a curiosity.

1. It would seem that she’s single at this time.

Whether she’s looking or not isn’t really anyone’s business, is it? Well, the tabloids might think it is.

All in all she seems like a very well-adjusted young woman.

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