Look at This Incredible, Working Iron Man Suit Made by a Fan

This fan has made an Iron Man suit that really works, kind of. Okay it doesn’t fly or shoot laser beams but it is extremely impressive to see what he’s done. Apparently at some point in his life this guy was suffering from a major bout of depression and his therapist asked him if there was anything he was passionate about. He admitted to having a creative side and loving comic books, and it’s kind of obvious just who he idolized the most. Iron Man is a great superhero since he’s one of the toughest and smartest guys in the entire MCU. He doesn’t have a great amount of impulse control but he’s also mega-rich so he doesn’t really need to most times since his money can make a lot of things go away.

But maybe there’s a correlation there between this guy and Tony Stark since Stark is easily depressed and can get into his moods and this guy was suffering through depression and needed something to lift him up. It could be that this is a part of why he chose Iron Man simply because it’s helped him to deal with his issues if not get past them entirely and come up with a way to really enjoy what he’s doing. The construction of this suit took about six months and when you look at it from the inside you can see why. When you figure that the MCU’s Iron Man suit would likely cost the equivalent of what it would take to run a small country just to build, this guy managed to get off cheap. The hands for the armor were 3D-printed while the rest is made out of foam and resin, which is a long and arduous process that is not for the faint of heart in terms of how careful one has to be when molding the pieces.

But all that hard work has paid off since his suit features several hidden switches that allow him to lift the face of his helmet, activate the palm blasters he built in, the lights, and the smoke that come out of the palms. He also has a rocket booster in the back that has its own switches as well. This suit is a work of art really, though I can’t help but wonder how long it takes him to get in and then get out of it. Considering that he engineered this thing I’m sure he’s come up with a way that’s as efficient as possible to slip it on and then slip it off. The whole thing runs on one battery pack that seems kind of small for the purpose but in reality is probably perfect since it’s not too bulky and can provide just enough power to do what needs to be done.

He’s managed to show this suit off at various events and is at this time attempting to instruct future cosplayers on how to perfect their craft and just have fun with it. That’s not just impressive, that’s inspirational as well.

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